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Joe Biden Flies To India For The G-20 Summit

Joe Biden Flies To India For The G-20 Summit

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, visited India on Friday to attend the G 20 Summit.

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The G20 is formally called the Group of 20. It is an international and intergovernmental forum having 20 members. There are 19 countries, and the 20th member is the European Union (EU). The agenda of the forum is to look into the ailments of the global economy. It promotes international financial stability, steps to battle climate change and sustainable development

The summit is supposed to be a two-day event. The major purpose of it is to address the absence of clear economic leadership from the Russian and Chinese leaders.

This marks a division between the economies that were once single-handedly responsible for the global scenario.

Joe Biden has, on multiple occasions, commented on how there is excellent potential in India’s economy. The Indian economy has seen rapid growth in the last few decades.

Biden’s first order of business on reaching India was a one-on-one meeting with Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister. The meeting took place at the Prime Minister’s residence.

The 46th U.S. President has stated that the US partnership with India is one of the most significant partnerships of the 21st century. The partnership has the potential to counter China in the global economy.

Official members of the White House find the absence of President Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping in the much-awaited summit to be “a disappointment” to India.

However, they have stated that the United States will use this global opportunity to strengthen its ties with the nations attending.

“I will say that I think for our Indian partners, there is substantial disappointment that they’re not here and gratitude that we are,” was Kurt Campbell’s official statement. Campbell is the deputy assistant to the president. He is also the coordinator for the Indo-Pacific region.

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