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Israeli Legislator Cassif Attributes The ‘horrendous’ Assaults To The Pogroms Against Palestinians

Israeli Legislator Cassif Attributes The 'horrendous' Assaults To The Pogroms Against Palestinians

According to Al Jazeera reports, an Israeli lawmaker has delivered a statement about the Hamas attack. The lawmaker has said that his political party had warned about something similar prior to what happened. 

The said party had apparently made it clear that controversies could take place if the illegal occupation was continued. They hold that the Israeli government’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territory is the prior reason behind the Hamas attack.

Meanwhile, the death toll keeps rising from the Hamas attack that began at dawn on Saturday. Multiple rockets and other forms of ammunition saw their way into Israel.

Hamas, the Gaza-based organization, had its fighters infiltrate into the towns of Israel. They made their way into what they claim to be illegally occupied lands.  

This brutal attack left hundreds of dead in its wake. At least 600 Israelis are reported to have died. It includes soldiers and army personnel. Authorities found their mutilated bodies on the roads.

313 Palestinians are reportedly dead from the attack, with a shy of 2000 injured. Bombings from the Israeli forces continue on the disputed Gaza enclave.

Ofer Cassif is the politician in question. He is a member of the Israeli legislature, the Knesset. He is also a member of the leftist coalition group called the Hadash.

Cassif had warned that a volatile situation would “erupt” if the Israeli government did not mend its ways. He warned against the government’s actions headed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Netanyahu’s policies regarding Palestine are what urged the attack, he claims. The leftist group Hadash holds four seats in the Knesset (Israel’s unicameral legislature), which has 120 members.

“We condemn and oppose any assault on innocent civilians. But in contrast to the Israeli government that means that we oppose any assault on Palestinian civilians as well. We must analyse those terrible incidents [the attacks] in the right context – and that is the ongoing occupation”-  was Cassif’s statement on the matter.  

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