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Israel Releases Tank Images In Gaza, Intensifying Conflict With Hamas Militants

Israel Releases Tank Images In Gaza, Intensifying Conflict With Hamas Militants

Israel has shown intentions to surround the main city of Gaza on Sunday. The government authorities have been publishing battle tanks on the western coast of the Palestinian enclave. The activity went on for about 48 hours after there were orders of expansions on ground incursions.  These expansions were to take place across the eastern border.

The “second phase” of Israel’s war against the Palestinian militant group Hamas has been away from the public eye. The war has reached its third week. Israeli government’s fight against the Iran-backed Hamas group was not in the public eye.

Official forces operated under darkness. There was even a brief telecommunications blackout that completely cut off Palestine from contact with the outer world. There are recent reports of UN officials losing contact with its team in Gaza.

However, fortunately, the cuts on phones and the internet ceased to exist as of this Sunday. The cut-offs caused a major backlog in the rescue operations for the war casualties. There was massive destruction as a result of Israeli barrages in the northern parts of Gaza City.  The northern parts are where the militant organization apparently operates from.

Along with the pictures of Israeli military tanks in circulation, reports show soldiers of the Israeli army waving the nation’s flag in the Gaza territory.

Hamas officials have also reported that it fired into the Israeli forces in the northern parts of Gaza. Members of the militant organization had apparently hit the Israeli tanks with missiles.

Some Gazans are still living in the dangerous parts of Gaza despite warnings of evacuations. A public servant has said, “Israel cut us off from the world in order to wipe us out, but we are hearing the sounds of explosions and we are proud the resistance fighters have stopped them at metres distance,”

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