Iowa Bishops Calls Out the State and Federal Lawmakers in Immigration Crisis

The USA is always well-known for facing an immigration crisis. However, there haven’t been many steps taken by the US state and federal governments to curb such problems.

This Tuesday, to address the issue of immigration, the Catholic bishops of Iowa have called out all the federal and state lawmakers. They asked for alternatives to a new law that would allow the state to deport all undocumented immigrants back to their country.

Even though they directly didn’t say to deport the immigrants back to their homeland, they have addressed the authorities to properly “do their job.” They urged the government to find a proper solution to these never-ending problems at the US border.

This year on April 10, Kim Reynolds, the Iowa governor signed the law of SF 2340. This law entails that it is a heinous crime for undocumented immigrants to enter or even attempt to enter Iowa if they have been previously deported. Additionally, if the individual gets arrested under the law, they might even have to return to the place they came from, or else they might even get charged with a felony.

The Bishops of Iowa also argued that they oppose the law as it only focuses on certain punitive sanctions and not on anything else. The Bishops address that the lawmakers are undermining family unity and reducing any chance at humanitarian protections. Moreover, it doesn’t even provide any sort of long-term solutions for residents without any proper legal status.

Since Iowa is typically deemed to be one of the crucial states of the United States, it is important that the US government should pay heed to their needs. Iowa would also play a crucial role in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Elections as it’s a swing state. The state maintains a proper equilibrium of both Democratic and Republican supporters.

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