Why People are Immigrating from Mexico to the US

Migrant arrivals have increased significantly under President Joe Biden’s administration. Polls are now suggesting that more than 2/3rd of Americans are not approving Biden’s way of handling the issue.

As the Presidential election comes forward this year in November, Biden’s opponent Donald Trump has a much more pressing claim to the White House than him. During Trump’s term, the issue of migration was even reduced significantly.

Trump also emphasized how he would restore and expand the hard-line immigration policies in his current term. He even promised that he would head the world’s largest domestic deportation operation in the history of the US.

You might be wondering if the Republicans are the only ones who are unhappy with the influx of the situation of migrants taking over the country. Even the Democratic mayors of the cities are struggling as well to cope with the number of immigrations.

Under Biden’s rule, more than 6.3 million migrants have been detained in the US which is more than Trump, Obama, and Bush’s rule.

There are several reasons why you’d think that this might happen. They are:

Increased Demand After Lockdown

The numbers began to rise around 2018 when the Central Americans started fleeing during complex crises like gang violence, poverty, and even political repression. There were several detentions as well in the summer of 2019 that increased enforcement in Mexico and Guatemala.

Global Trends in Migration

The migration trends in the US-Mexico borders have significantly increased in the past few years. OECD has suggested that there have been more than 6.1 million more new permanent migrants than in 2019-2021.

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