Migrants indicted over mass border breach try in Texas

A Texas grand jury indicted more than 140 migrants on misdemeanor rioting charges over an alleged mass attempt to breach the US-Mexico border, a day after the judge dismissed the cases.   

The report states that no injuries were noted during the alleged breach in El Paso, which authorities stated had begun when someone within the group cut through the razor wire barrier.   

On Monday, a county judge dismissed the charges against the arrested due to lack of probable cause. A public defender representing the migrants had argued there was not enough evidence and accused authorities of trying to make headlines.   

Moreover, the arrests have drawn more attention to Texas’ expanding operations along the border. This is where Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has rolled out a series of aggressive measures in the name of curbing illegal crossings. Similarly, following the arrests in March, Abbott responded by saying he sent 700 additional National Guard members to El Paso.   

Hicks, whom Abbott appointed to the job in 2022, said that although it is not common for a grand jury to indict misdemeanor cases. He felt it was fair to pose the cases before them. Similarly, Hicks estimated they had arrested over 350 people on rioting charges since March. 

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