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Hiring An Immigrant In Your Company- Things To Do

Hiring An Immigrant
Hiring An Immigrant

Are you hiring immigrants in your business?

This denotes your small business is growing quite well. This is for sure that you have many benefits in your business. But do you think that it is so easy?

Hiring an immigrant requires fulfilling a lot of paper requirements. This takes quite a lot of time.

To top it all off, there are legal issues that are related directly to this. Therefore, Hiring a Business Immigration Lawyer is the only way through which you could manage it.

In this article, we are going to discuss certain things that you need to do as an employer when you hire an immigrant lawyer.

Let us see them right here.

Things To Know Before Hiring An Immigrant Worker

There are certain things to know when you are hiring an immigrant worker. Let’s see what they are.

Even after you are hiring an immigrant worker, you will find it extremely difficult to hire employees.

1. Understanding Your Needs

There are different visa programs available. First, you need to understand which visa program for hiring employees suits your requirements.

Therefore, depending on the type of business and the type of workers you need, you can apply for one.

These are part of the internal policy-making of your company. Therefore you make sure what your need is at this point in time.

2. Start Early

Immigrant hiring is a complex process. This is not that easy, like you are hiring the local people. This takes quite a length of time.

It takes quite some time to understand the level of difficulties involved here. Know, the paperwork involved in this is quite convoluted. A lot of time is spent on legal documentation.

This is a completely legal aspect, and it is best that you hire a business immigration Attorney. Let them do their part and understand the difficulties here.

3. Make The Necessary Preparation

The Necessary Preparation
The Necessary Preparation

Hiring an immigrant involves a lot of responsibility and accountability. Do you think you could put your leg up and immigrants come running to be a part of your business?

The first thing that you need to figure out is the exact requirement of employees for a certain task.

You also need to figure out what kinds of vacancies you need to have in your company.

4. Work Authorization: Do You Know This?

Whether or not you are actively hiring for your company, you need to get you are bound to provide the whereabouts to the US government regarding the new hire. This is in keeping with the laws of the land.

Since 1986, the US government has enforced employers to confirm the work authorization of each new hire at the time of recruitment.

This means they have to keep the records of the prospective employee. The hires need to use a Form I-9 that is found on the USCIC website.

Remember, the USCIC Employer’s Handbook provides detailed instructions and the related laws and regulations involved in this process.

No need to take a headache; hire a business immigration Attorney. Let them do this. 

5. Obtaining A Certification From The Department Of Labor

Prior to moving forward with the immigrant hiring process, you need to procure a certificate from the Department Of Labor (DOL).

This is one of the must-do things when you are hiring an immigrant. This also involves knowing the nitty-gritty of it and acting accordingly.

You may take the help from a business immigration Attorney that will serve your particular needs on this.

Apart from a certificate from the Department Of Labor, you also need to collect some other important certificates before you move in hiring immigrants.

6. Petition For Work Visa

Work Visa
Work Visa

Your imminent worker has to work on a working visa. If they have it, there is nothing better than this.

If your employee is not having this, then you need to start the process. Remember that merely getting the certification from the DOL is not the guarantee for hiring your employee.

A work visa is extremely important on quite an occasion.


Understand that hiring imminent workers is filled in with challenges, and you need to work on quite a number of ways so as to get your objectives fulfilled.

The most important thing to notice is the legal obligation. Hire a business immigration Attorney to solve your issues.

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