EpicQuest Education CFO Comes Up with Educating About Legal and Financial Implications in the Corporate World

EpicQuest Education CFO Comes Up with Educating About Legal and Financial Implications in the Corporate World

EpicQuest Education is known for providing optimal higher education for domestic and international students in Canada, the US, and the UK. The CFO of this company, Zhenyu Wu, and the Board of Directors member Craig Wilson have come up with a Global Market Bulletin that would encompass financial and legal education for the employees belonging to the organization.

This Bulletin will come in handy to both external and internal stakeholders of the company. This would help them analyze the reports and take proper steps to keep up with the problems.

They even addressed in the bulletin how they grew as a company in the last few months and are delighted to share their growth metrics. This would be a great way for them to generate successful revenue for their company.

Here are a few important aspects of the bulletin that can help you understand its jist in detail.

· The Company talks about how great they’re growing altogether and getting the maximum amount of investment returns.

· The company’s enrollment metrics are growing massively and have shown a considerable decrease in student enrollment in higher education.

· They have introduced several legal and financial pathway programs that would help the employees understand and learn about the main goals of the company.

· They have even issued several collaborative programs that can optimize the academic journeys of the students.

· Their collaboration with Davis University and how they have helped greatly recruit domestic and international students worldwide.

The company is absolutely in compliance with Section 27A of the Securities Act, 1933 about their bulletin. They even are aware of their rights that are mentioned in the 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

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