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Biden Emphasizes The Need To Protect Gaza Hospitals

Biden Emphasizes The Need To Protect Gaza Hospitals

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, recently made a statement on the medical facilities of Gaza. He is of the opinion that all hospitals in this disputed Gaza Strip are to be protected. Additionally, he has also hoped that Israel, the nation with which Gaza has been at war, be “less intrusive”.  

His remarks came Israeli military forces advanced tanks into the gates of the main hospital of this besieged enclave.

Israeli military tanks seem to have taken their positions right outside the main hospital of Gaza, the Al Shifa Hospital. This medical care facility is located in the heart of Gaza City.

Therefore, access to the primary medical center may be hampered, although there are no particular reports on that. The hospital is located at a strategic point. It sits atop the tunnels that house the Hamas militant group’s headquarters.

Reports say that Hamas militant fighters are using the patients in the hospital as shields.

Hamas militant group seems to be denying the claims of the Israeli government.

Israel’s government went on to launch a war attack against the Hamas militant group. The Israeli attacks, however, were against an attack by the Islamist Palestinian Hamas attacks on the 7th of Oct., 2023.

Hamas’s violent rampage into the southern parts of Israel led to the death of around 1,200 people. 

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