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A Bargaining Chip For Gig Workers In The US

A Bargaining Chip For Gig Workers In The US

On the 13th of June, the United States National Labor Relationship Board brought about changes that are to have a significant result for gig workers. The decision was taken by a board that was predominantly Democrat-led. It overturned a decision that the Trump administration passed. This new judgement is to make it difficult for companies to classify their employees as independent contractors. These new turn of events could give the workers more opportunities to join unions and enjoy more protections and Labor rights.

Under the Trump administration, Independent gig workers who worked on a contract basis were excluded from joining labour unions. This also excluded them from exercising their rights under the labour law. The new judgement passed by the board alters the very relationship and control exerted by an employer on an independent contractor. 

The reasons behind bringing about these changes include clarity and a fair approach toward workers. It will allow independent contractors to have benefits and all the safeguards that other employees enjoy. 

This decision will hold a major effect on all the workers who have so far struggled with asserting their rights and demands. Working conditions should be favourable for all workers, independent of their status. Favourable working conditions are the basic rights of an employee. The judgement is based on these very principles. 

Under this new system, a contractor is free to join labour unions, enjoy support and get a stronger unified voice, claim equal and fair wages, and also other benefits that permanent employees enjoy. 

The gig economy continues to grow all over the world. The labour laws of the land are beginning to catch up with the trends. This decision passed by the board is a recognition of this change and represents a positive development for gig workers. Democrats claim that it is a step closer to a fair and balanced economy.

The Trump-era standard was overturned in this ruling. Instead, an Obama-era approach was taken. This approach considers a huge range of factors. It takes a more considerate approach towards the workers who depend on a single company to earn their livelihoods. 

This new ruling has given gig economy workers the chance to join unions and increase their bargaining power.

The ruling came as a result of a case involving Atlanta Opera makeup artists and stylists. They wanted to create a labour union. The ruling went in their favour stating that they were employees and should be allowed to decide whether to have a union. 

The Department of labour of the United States will soon be passing a rule limiting which workers can qualify as independent wage contractors. Many are considering that this move could end up increasing the cost of labour throughout the nation. 

The CEO of Flex, a gig trade association, Kristin Sharp, has expressed concerns about how this ruling could have a potential impact on Industries heavily relying on the service of independent contractors.

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