Governor Mills Signs Executive Order to Promote Women’s Employment in Construction Sector 

Governor Mills Signs Executive Order to Promote Women's Employment in Construction Sector

In a risk-based approach to tackle the gender divides in construction industry in Maine, Gov.  Janet Mills has signed an executive order to increase the number of women employed in such roles. The subject of the order, “Women in the construction field: Creating opportunities and improving access,” aims to expand the options and improve the landscape of women in roles that were once predominantly held by men.  

It is usual that the construction industry is characterized by rather a wide gender gap, women that constitute just a small part of the total workforce. Recognizing this discrepancy, Governor Mills’ executive order subsequently goes on to attempt to even the playing field by implementing focused efforts to foster an attractive environment for women to pursue careers in construction field. 

Under article, state authorities and contractors who undertake state sponsored projects are expected to devise and implement recruitment, retention, and promotion of women working in building occupations. These can be accomplished by methodologies such as focused outreach programmed, training and mentorship opportunities and creating a staff-friendly work environment.   

As part of her speech, Mills was keen to highlight the value of diversity and inclusiveness in the construction industry which she reiterated by emphasizing the fact that when employing women, it is better due to their strong (or rich) perspectives. The executive order goal is to improve the labor market by employing people of different backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities hence helping the economy to recover and all Mainers to get employment opportunities that are decent paying.  

The ceremonial put to sign to the executive order is a milestone in the Route to Maine regarding gender equity and job creation for women. Gov. Mills vowed that she would collaborate with the individuals who are involved in the industry to put into effect provisions of the order, thus creating a socially just and inclusive workforce. 

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