White House Plans to Limit Biden’s Graduation Speeches as It Leads to Protests  

Amid growing protests within college campuses by pro-Palestinian demonstrators, the White House has planned for President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to have a minimal presence for a traditional rite of spring. This means delivering commencement addresses.   

Joe Biden has been scheduled to deliver a speech at Morehouse College and the US Military Academy at West Point in the month of May. Moreover, Harris has been noted to give speeches only at the Air Force Academy. First Lady Jill Biden, who is said to teach at a community college, is expected to deliver a commencement speech, though the institution’s name has not been published.   

Officials at the White House have also declined to preview how Joe Biden might address the unrest at campus. Karine Jean-Pierre, press secretary at the White House, has stated to reporters this week that Biden has always considered these addresses as “a special time to deliver a message” with the hope that it will be uplifting to the graduates and their families.   

Moreover, campaign officials of Biden say that despite the media’s focus on campus protests, public polling, and their own research, young voters are more concerned with other problems. A poll from Harvard University indicates that inflation and healthcare have topped the list of issues that are more important to young voters aged between 18 and 29. Issues like gun violence, protecting democracy, climate change, and women’s reproductive rights are issues that seem to be higher than the war ongoing in Gaza.   

Biden’s national youth engagement campaign is one of the vital ways through which the US President has been targeting to reach out to younger voters. The campaign is known to emphasize targeting college students through various social media apps.   

Further, Biden has also stated that he is not reluctant to address various issues concerning young voters directly.

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