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What Is The Supreme Law Of The Land?

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You might have heard about the term supreme law of the land in various circumstances. This is a well-used term that we tend to hear in various judicial settings and other political aspects. 

In this article, we will provide you with information regarding the supreme law of the land within the United States. 

What Is The Supreme Law Of The Land? 

The supreme law of the land is the nation’s Constitution. This means every law that is present within the region requires it to comply with the constitution of the land. Similarly, all laws in the United States require to follow the Constitution of the United States. 

Sometimes, you might have an idea that the law does not follow the Constitution. Well, you are wrong, as people tend to develop cases. Further, these cases are presented in the US Supreme Court for verification of whether the law follows the Constitution. 

The supreme court has the authority to determine whether a law that exists in the land tends to be unconstitutional or not. If the supreme court determines that a law is unconstitutional, then that law will cease in existence. This means the law will no longer be considered as a law and become invalid. 

Due to this, we can state that everyone must follow the Constitution, which makes it the supreme law of the land. 

What Is The Supreme Law Of The Land Called?

The supreme law of the land is called ‘the Constitution. This means the United States Constitution is considered the supreme law of the land in the United States. 

The Constitution of the US is considered the supreme law of the land as it is empowered with the sovereign authority of the people. This has been granted by the framers and consent from the state legislatures.

Due to this, it is the source of all power for governments and is also known to provide vital limitations on the government. 

This is done for the purpose of protecting the fundamental rights of citizens of the United States. 

The Need For The Constitution

The need for a Constitution grew due to the purpose of developing the Articles of Confederation. This resulted in the development of a ‘firm league of friendship’ between the states of the United States. 

Along with this, the Constitution was also developed for the purpose of vesting power within the Congress of the Confederation. 

However, the power that was given to Congress was extremely limited. This is because the central government mainly conducted diplomacy and created war. On the other hand, it was also the final arbiter for disputes that arose in states. 

Moreover, the central government was also unable to acquire the funds that were required for the purpose of operating the nation. This meant the central government was entirely dependent on states to acquire funds. 

Additionally, previously the states would have sent delegates to Congress as voted as a bloc, which meant getting one vote. 

The main issue raised during the decisions making process was a requirement of a unanimous vote. This resulted in the government becoming ineffective and paralyzed. 

Due to this, reform was the need of the hour for the Constitution. The reform of the Articles in the Constitution began with the purpose of giving appropriate power to the government. 

Reforming the United States Constitution resulted in providing the government with the appropriate power so that it acted on national interests. On the other hand, the government has not provided excessive power so as to pose a threat to the fundamental rights of US citizens. 

This has been achieved through the division of the government into three vital branches. The three divisions were created for the purpose of keeping the power of the government in check and balance. 

This is done so that none of the branches of the government gains excessive supremacy that can impose a threat on the Constitution. 

One of the primary reasons that led to the need for the reformation of the Constitution was the extremely powerful parliament of the King of England. Due to this, every branch of the government’s power is stated in the Constitution. However, the power that is not vested with the three branches of the government is assigned to States. 

What Does The Constitution Say Is The Supreme Law Of The Land?

The Constitution of the United States says that the supreme law of the land is the Constitution itself. This indicates that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. 

The Purpose Of Supreme Law Of The Land

The sole purpose of the supreme law of the land is to define the role of the government within the region

Within the United States, the government is known to develop bills that tend to become laws later through a process of voting in the legislature. But that is for later. 

The vital part begins when the bill gets transformed into a law, which is brought to the judiciary. The judiciary has the authority to effectively determine whether a law that exists in the land complies with the Constitution. 

This means all laws that tend to exist within the nation must comply with the Constitution, as it is the supreme law or lex of the land. If a law has been developed that is not complying with the Constitution, then it will be declared invalid. 

Due to this, it can be stated that the sole purpose of the supreme law of the land is to keep a check on the laws that are created within the land. 

The supreme law of the land protects the fundamental rights of the citizens by keeping a check on its laws, whether they abide by the Articles and Amendments included within the Constitution. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know about the supreme law of the land that governs the United States. The Constitution of the US is considered the supreme law of the land, which keeps a check on the law’s ability to abide by the Constitution that is present within the region. 

Furthermore, the supreme court of the US has the authority to determine whether a law is abiding by the Constitution of the land, and if it determines it does not, then the law is stated as invalid.

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