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What Is The Martial Law? Overview And Explained In 2021

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Martial law is one of the laws that are not known so much across the world. The reason why many people do not know much about this law is because of the fact that it is rarely declared or used. To put in the simplest terms possible this law is used in controlling people during various rare times as well.  

For instance, in case of any civil unrest then this law or its use will be invoked. The law is also used during times of war or natural calamities like serious and destructive storms. The main motive of martial law in many cases is always to control people during such times.  

Times of martial law are always characterized by military rule and suspension of human rights as well.  There are so many other incidents that occur during this time but that is dependent on the protocols and procedures that apply in such areas. The martial law is not standard and comes with some clauses in it.  

The term martial law in itself does not carry with it a very precise meaning.  It is only used to refer to a situation where the military takes control of a certain place. In the United States for instance, each one of the states have the ability to invoke the use of martial law.  

The Declaration Of The Martial Law 

For a martial law to be invoked it has to be declared and more so by someone.  In the federal government setting the role of declaring martial law is the role of the federal government. However, even in this case, the state has never come out conclusively to talk about this issue.  

This has left so much speculation regarding exactly who can declare the use of this law.  In fact, there have been so many debates about this issue with some people even wondering whether the president can invoke the use of this law. The court in itself does not talk about the president and whether he or she can declare or invoke the use of martial law.  

This therefore means that the invocation of martial law is a process.  It is not something that can be done all by one person that is not the case. The fact that martial law has such a slim chance of being declared means that it is not anticipated that much.  

In fact, the only thing that is said about this law is that it can be declared by the federal government.  However, there has never been any clear information regarding the process that can lead to the declaration of this law. However, this lack of clarity should not be taken to mean that this law cannot be declared, it actually can.  

The Martial Law Can Be Declared By States As Well

Individual states have the ability to declare martial law as well.  In fact, in many cases it is the individual states in the United States that have declared martial law more than the federal government. There are so many situations that necessitate the use of this law. If you want to know about them, you may have to talk to lawyers from the largest law firms in America.

To allow different states handle such cases differently when they occur, the federal government allows them to invoke the use of martial law. This is why many states have actually invoked the use of this law much more than the federal government itself.  That said, it is essential to know what happens if martial is declared. 

What To Do If Martial Law Is Declared 

What to do if martial law is declared 

Given that martial law means tough times you might want to know what to do if martial law is declared. Remember, the declaration of martial law in many cases means or spells doom for many people. As such, it is exactly how you carry out yourself during this time that matters a lot.  

That said, you might want to know how to conduct yourself during these times. There are quite a number of things that you can do in such a case to stay on the safe side of things.  One of the most important things you need to do during these times is to comply with the martial law guidelines.  

If curfews are imposed for instance, make sure that you abide by the curfew regulations. Remember during these times are normally characterized by the rule of the military.  In worse cases, there might even be the suspension of human rights depending on the intensity of the martial law declared. Just talk to an attorney or lawyer if you want to know more about it.

In such a case, you might not have much to do even if you feel offended by the ruling forces.  This is exactly why it is essential for you to consider with a lot of care how you conduct yourself during these times.  Where necessary make sure that whatever you do is compliant with the guidelines of the martial law declaration guidelines.  

What Is The Role Of Martial Law?

What Is The Role Of Martial Law

You might wonder why exactly is it so essential to make a martial war declaration, much as it is so unpopular among many people.  Well, there are many situations that make it necessary and essential to declare this law. The main motive behind the declaration of martial law is to control people in times of unrest.  

The federal government normally uses these situations to gain absolute control over people during times of unrest.  For instance, in case of an attempted coup then it might become necessary to make use of this law to control people and get them adhering to the set government directives.  

In case of any attempts to decline the set guidelines, swift action might follow right from there. Any people found contravening the set regulations during this time might be subjected to some serious punishment in the end.  


1: How Many Times Has Martial Law Been Declared In The United States?

Ans: The marital law has been declared a total of 68 times in the United States especially in the local states of the nation. It has been decleared seven times because of domestic violence, two times because of invasion or privacy allegations, eleven times for civil riot, twenty nine times for labor unrest, four times for natural calamities, and fifteen times for other issues.

2: What Are The Two Types Of Martial Law?

Ans: The qualified marital law talks about Military aids civilian law enforcement. However, there is also the absolute marital law that talks about how the Military has complete control over law enforcement.

3: What Is The Exact Definition Of Martial Law?

Ans:  The martial law mainly refers to a statutory power that, enables the military to take the place of the civilian government in case of an emergency, and exercise jurisdiction over civilians in a specific area. It is only applicable in the United States, and nowhere else in the world.


The use of martial law is very rare but that does not mean that it is never there. There are some states in the USA where the use of this law has been invoked already.  As an individual, it is very important to make sure that you adhere to the set regulations during this time.  If you want to know more about marital law, you can ask us your questions in the comment box below. 

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