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What Do Solicitors Do With A Settlement Agreement?

What Do Solicitors Do With a Settlement Agreement

Have you been complaining about your employer for one reason or another, and are you now thinking of finally filing a claim? Or have you already filed a claim, but you’re trying to decide whether to take it any further? Whatever your specific case is, the employer can offer you a settlement agreement to try and prevent you from making further claims. This is what settlement is in general in the legal context.

If tempted to take the deal, you could wind up doing that without checking any details and without actually figuring out if it is favorable for you or not. After some time passes, though, you could find yourself regretting the decision you made back then, but without any real possibility to act on things again and try to get a better deal. Can you avoid such a scenario?
Sure you can, with a proper solicitor on your side. You’ve most definitely heard of these professionals, but you could be confused as to what it is they do with a settlement agreement. Given that you’re not sure of their specific role in all of this, it’s not a surprise you’re wondering whether you really need their help or not.

The simple answer? Yes, you do need their help! Of course, you want to decide that for yourself, which is why understanding what it is that solicitors actually do with a settlement agreement and how it is that they can be helpful to you in the process of settling is of crucial importance. So, let’s make that perfectly clear.

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They Make The Document Valid

They Make the Document Valid

First things first, you’ll have to understand that the agreement won’t be valid if a solicitor, or another legal adviser, doesn’t sign off on it. What does this precisely mean? In short, it means you’ll be required to work with a solicitor during the process. So, it’s not something you can opt in or out of, but something you’ll be obligated to do.
This, however, doesn’t mean you should just hire one of these professionals to get things over with. Instead, you should aim at getting the most out of them once you get them on board. After all, they can be so helpful and do so many amazing things for you that it would be a shame to miss all of that.

They Help You Understand The Agreement

Reading through the agreement with amateur eyes can lead you to some wrong conclusions or wrong impressions. It’s common for people not to understand these documents that clearly. Simply getting the gist of it and moving forward with the procedure is not exactly a clever idea. You want someone to explain everything thoroughly so that you can understand the ins and outs of the document.
Care to guess who can do that for you? A great solicitor for a settlement agreement, of course. These professionals will take it upon themselves to ensure you understand everything clearly and you, thus, have no doubts about signing the document once the time comes to do it. Not having a clear understanding of the document can lead to you signing a deal that won’t exactly be favorable, and a great solicitor won’t let that happen.

Identifying Any Pitfalls And Traps

Furthermore, an amazing solicitor will be able to identify the risks that the employer will if the agreement isn’t signed. Drawing on that, they’ll also identify pitfalls and traps that the employer may be trying to lurk you into, thus helping you avoid those. Most companies offer to settle when they’re not sure they’d be able to achieve a fair dismissal, and a great solicitor will spot that and use it to secure the perfect deal for you.

They Negotiate On Your Behalf

Speaking of securing the perfect deal, these professionals will also negotiate on your behalf. Their amazing negotiation skills, supported by their knowledge of the law and of the actual risks the employer is facing due to your claim, will lead you to get properly compensated, which is basically the whole point. Thus, by relying on these experts, you’ll get the best possible outcome.

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