A suspended imposition of sentence i.e. SIS gives the defendant an opportunity to be put on probation for a certain period of time without getting an actual sentence from the judge.

What Is A Suspended Imposition Of Sentence?

1. Reinstate The      Probation 2. Impose A Sentence

When Is A Suspended Imposition Of Sentence An Option For Your Case?

If the judge grants the offender probation, it doesn’t mean that he is clear and free until the probationary period is over

Does The Imposition Of Sentence Have Any Requirements?

The court has the power to impose certain conditions on you if you get a suspended sentence and are placed on unsupervised probation.

Requirements Of A Person Serving A Suspended Sentence

Most employers in different states of the US carry out background checks for Suspended Imposition Of Sentence.

Suspended Imposition  Of Sentence: Performing The Background Check