Kemp Signs a New Voter Challenge to Enhance the Election Security Laws

Kemp Signs a New Voter Challenge to Enhance the Election Security Laws 

As elections are drawing near, both the Republicans and the Democrats are preparing to ensure a win on their sides. This Tuesday, the Republican governor of Georgia signed a bill that has made dramatic changes in the US voting landscape.

Kemp signed the bill, and his spokesperson Garrison Douglas confirmed its authenticity. To be honest, Kemp’s decision was highly anticipated given that he had a unique predicament during the 2020 elections. Kemp refused to help Trump to overturn his defeat in Georgia.

The new law SB 189 talks about a unique process of how counties can remove people from voter registration rolls. This law empowers the grassroots activities of the voting system to uproot those people who might be a huge contribution to the Democrat votes.

Currently, this law has been challenging thousands of pieces of legislation to be illegible. It is removing registered voters from the list up to 45 days (about 1 and a half months) before the election. Federal law calls this measure to be unlawful because people shouldn’t or cannot be removed from the voter roll at least within 90 days (about 3 months) of the election.

Otherwise, the measure creates new procedures for homeless people about their right to vote and how the law requires them to register properly in their county’s election office.

Andrea Young the executive director of Georgia’s ACLU called this law to be taking a backward step for the voters and their rights to voting access. She also vowed to see Kemp in court based on how unlawful this law is.

She also suggested that this would even overburden the election workers to unnecessarily spend time and combat with voter challenges.

Other provisions of this law, also enable to removal of the QR codes from the ballots. The experts say that this might not have an immediate effect, but would impact greatly in the future.

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