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Vladimir Putin Passes Law Stopping Gender Change

Vladimir Putin Passes Law Stopping Gender Change

Vladimir Putin made a law that stops people from changing their gender officially or medically in Russia. This is bad news for the LGBTQ+ community there.

The law says no medical procedures can change a person’s gender, and you can’t change your gender in official documents. The only exception is for medical treatment for birth defects.

The law also cancels marriages if one person changes their gender, and it stops transgender people from being foster parents or adopting children.

The reason for this law is that the Russian government wants to protect what it calls “traditional values.” They think it’s against their beliefs to change genders. Some politicians say it’s to defend Russia from what they call “western anti-family ideas,” and they even compare gender transitioning to something evil like “pure satanism.”

The Russian government has been tough on LGBTQ+ people for about ten years. The president said he supports “traditional family values,” and the Russian Orthodox church agrees with him.

In 2013, they made a law against supporting “nontraditional sexual relations” in public if it’s about minors. Then in 2020, Putin changed the constitution to make same-sex marriage illegal.

Later, they passed a law against promoting “nontraditional sexual relations” among adults.

This law is making life harder for LGBTQ+ people in Russia and taking away their rights.

In Other News

President Vladimir Putin had to cancel his trip to the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg because of fears that he might be arrested for war crimes. The International Criminal Court had issued an arrest warrant for Putin over his involvement in abducting Ukrainian children.

South Africa, as a signatory nation to the ICC, would have been obligated to arrest him if he visited the country. This situation put South Africa in a difficult position as they are allies with Russia, but their relations have cooled since the Ukraine War, and they didn’t want it to worsen.

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