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US Supports Israel in Conflict with Hamas but Expresses Fear of Wider Escalation

US Supports Israel in Conflict with Hamas but Expresses Fear of Wider Escalation

A recent poll conducted in the United States has revealed that a significant majority of Americans express strong support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas, the Palestinian militant organization. However, the same poll highlights growing concerns among Americans about the potential for a broader regional escalation.

The survey, conducted by a respected polling agency, found that approximately 70% of Americans sympathize with Israel in the ongoing conflict with Hamas. This support can be attributed to longstanding ties between the U.S. and Israel, as well as the perception of Israel as a democratic ally in a volatile region.

While support for Israel remains robust, there is a growing apprehension about the conflict spreading into a larger regional war. Over 60% of respondents expressed concern about the possibility of a wider conflict involving other nations, including Iran and neighboring Arab states.

These sentiments are indicative of the delicate balance the U.S. government must maintain in the region, where it seeks to support Israel while avoiding the risk of a broader conflagration.

The poll underscores the complexity of public opinion on the Israel-Hamas conflict in the United States, with strong backing for Israel tempered by a fear of the conflict’s potential to escalate into a wider and more destabilizing regional confrontation.

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