More and More US Schools and Colleges Might Face Closures and Mergers

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Education plays an important role in our life. However, what would happen if these esteemed educational institutions suddenly experienced closure?

Mergers would’ve still set it up on a positive note, but the closure of an educational institution is bad in every aspect. There has been a massive decline in enrollment and other financial pressures that can even lead to more and more closures.

The best way, however, to solve such a problem is to join hands with another company and merge them for financial sustenance.

The closure of colleges is not new. It’s an age-old phenomenon that has been going on since 2010. The year 2010 saw a great uptick in the closure of colleges in the US. The private and non-profit schools mostly faced the brunt of it.

Now coming to 2019, over 91 private colleges in the US started to close. However, some of them did come up with a positive outcome. In some cases, some of the private colleges even went for mergers.

Needless to say, almost half the schools even stopped functioning fully after the COVID-19 pandemic. For students struggling to go to school regularly, Covid 19 pulled the final straw to it.

However, the pandemic even came to us as a boon. There were two major themes that primarily showed up in these closures: finances and new enrollments. This completely changed the scenario and boosted mergers in the later years.

With the shutting down of schools, it’s now become a problem for educational institutions to operate. Analysis suggests that 95% of the revenue of the colleges relies widely on tuition fees. If there is no proper enrollment, it therefore becomes difficult to generate revenue.

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