US Now Designs Specialized Courses for Indians

US Now Designs Specilized Courses For Indians

Education plays an important role when it comes to developing a nation. The US has strong views about making up for their education policies and making them concrete.  

This is why, they’re now collaborating with the Indian government to make their education system much more flexible yet ironclad. The US Education Department is now in line with the NEP of India.  

They both have collaborated and now have introduced a program for Indian students to gain a professional master’s degree with industrial specializations in the universities.  

These degrees are, however, only confined to science, technology, engineering, and maths, or as we popularly known it STEM. This new provision would take place from this fall semester of 2024.  

Once you complete the course, as a student you can stay in the country for up to 3 years. However, this should adhere to the existing rules applicable to your Visa. This would also be a great way to gain work experience and repay all the student loans.  

The process has now primarily started as 20 American and 15 Indian universities are now already in the phase of discussion with another to take legitimate advantage of the initiative. In this case, the Education Department of the US is now acting as the grand facilitator.  

The NEP of India is extremely hopeful about the fact that this robust education system would be great in transforming the overall education system’s ethos into something highly functioning and efficient. They also hope that this will give rise to a much more sustainable and equitable knowledgeable society.  

As of now, these are just the founding stones of education. There’s now more to achieve!

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