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US Has Welcomed More Than 500,000 Migrants As Part Of Biden’s Immigration Laws

US Has Welcomed More Than 500,000 Migrants As Part Of Biden's Immigration Laws

The administration of Joe Biden has been noted for its ability to welcome more than half of a million migrants within the nation as a part of the new program that is designed for the reduction of illegal migration. 

This law has been based on the reduction of illegal border crossing within the United States and provides a safe haven for migrants looking for a better lifestyle within the region. This program has been considered one of the largest expansions of legal migration within the United States

In a time span of less than 2 years, the United States administration has allowed the entry of more than 500,000 migrants with assistance from the US Immigration Parole Authority. This establishment allows federal officials with the power of authorization the entry of foreigners who do not have visas. 

The unprecedented use of parole authority has enabled officials to divert migration away from the southern states of the United States. This is done to offer them a legal and secure alternative for touring the US compared to entering the borders with smugglers or other criminals looking to violate the borders.

The new immigration law of Biden has also been the opportunity for faster resettling of refugees in the attempt to rebuild a resettlement system disemboweled during the administration of Donald Trump. 

Officials have stated that the parole will enable the welcoming of approximately 168,400 Latin American and Caribbean migrants with sponsorship from the US, in addition to other migrants belonging to Ukraine and Afghanistan.  

So, overall it can be stated that the immigration parole programs that were created by Biden’s administration have amounted to one of the most significant expansions of legal migration within three decades. 

Compared with the Republican critics, whose administration has unilaterally, without any consent from Congress, expanded legal immigration levels since 1990.

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