US Explores AI to Teach Immigrant Officers About How to Talk to Refugees

US Explores AI to Teach Immigrant Officers About How to Talk to Refugees

Immigration is a serious recurring issue in the US. Alongside that, AI is also on the rise. The day is going to come when AI might replace our functions.  

Lately, on Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that they’re going to pilot AI in their workforce to train their immigration officers to properly review the applicants with refugee status. Secretary Alejandro Maryokas feels that this might be a crucial way to bridge the gap between US citizens and refugees.  

The work even addresses that what Maryokas wants is extremely labor intensive, but it’s going to help the refugees out in the long run. Furthermore, Maryokas even exclaimed that DHS training machines are going to act like refugees so that the officers properly learn their perspective. This would be a feasible way to interview them.  

Maryokas even said that refugee applicants often undergo immense trauma that can scar them in the future to appeal for citizenship. Hence, they have introduced the machine to be reticent and adopt all the characteristics of the applicants.  

Moreover, it’s going to be an interactive application that would majorly cater to understanding the sentiments of the refugees properly before anything else. The AI they’re going to incorporate is the generative AI creating extremely novel-based content on the overall past data.  

The USCIS would majorly help in building this program and use tailored training materials for the officers to prepare them efficiently to make more accurate decisions about the refugees. However, they also emphasized the fact that AI is not going to make any decisions on behalf of the officers. They are just going to come up with country-specific solutions that would help them in the long run.

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