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US counsel delays trial of Trump’s illegal possession of documents till December

US counsel delays trial of Trump's illegal possession of documents

US Special Counsel Jack Smith on Friday has been observed asking the federal judge to delay the start of ex-President Trump’s trial. The trial is regarding the illegal possession of confidential federal documents. 

The Special Counsel has also been noted for his ability to delay the trial of the ex-President until December 11, 2023. This was observed in a court filing that has been presented to the federal judge. 

On Tuesday, US District Judge Aileen Cannon was observed to set the initial trial date of 14th August. 

On the other hand, the Special Council stated in the filing that the date of August 14th would deny the counsel for the defendant or the lawyer representing the Government insufficient time for preparing the case. 

Donald Trump, who has been seeking nomination as a Republican in the 2024 Presidential elections, was prosecuted in federal court in Miami last week. 

During this time, Trump has pleaded not guilty in the case when charged with the conviction of having possession of confidential federal documents. Along with not complying with the federal officers who were responsible for recovering the documents from the possession of Trump. 

Law Governing The Case

The case of Trump having illegal possession of federal documents will proceed under a strict and careful set of rules and regulations set forth in law. 

The case will be trialed by making use of the ‘Classified Information Procedures Act,’ which is known for governing the protection of classified documents and evidence. Additionally, it also involves the management of ways such records can be disclosed. 

The filing that has been presented by the Special Counsel stated that the trial of Trump should be delayed. This is for the purpose of attorneys representing Trump having the time to get security clearances for reviewing the classified documents. 

Along with this, the Special Counsel has also been noted for the capacity to effectively develop a timeline for managing the trial. December 11th has been recognized as the start of jury selection. On the other hand, September 5th is the deadline for requests from defense lawyers. 

Special Counsel Smith has also stated that the lawyers representing Trump will not be opposing the appeal date that was set for August 14. However, he has anticipated that the opposition might file an opposing prosecution’s proposed schedule.

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