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A Year-Old US Climate Law Has Been Changing Clean Energy Technology Within The Region

A Year-Old US Climate Law Has Been Changing Clean Energy Technology Within The Region

The US climate change laws that have been passed in the nation a year have been known to provide 30% discounts on the installation of solar panels through the process of tax credits. This has been assisting in pushing the ability to make use of clean energy to places that provide cheap electricity rates with the usage of coal as fuel. 

To most families in the United States, the reduction of rates for the consumption of clean energy has been more useful, and it is not motivated in a political way. This is because the reduction of energy usage costs is more crucial as many families do not have the kind of monthly income to afford expensive clean energy to comply with governmental rules.

In the last year, June and July were considered the hottest month in the United States. On the other hand, the Inflation Reduction Act also turned a year this year. Within less than a year, there has been prompt investment regarding a massive buildout of battery and EV manufacturing across the nation. 

More than 80 major clean energy manufacturing facilities have been announced across the nation relating to the rise of investment in clean energy sources, as stated by the American Clean Power Association. 

The IRA has been considered one of the most significant responses to the climate change issue within the nation. After many years of lobbying by oil, gas, and coal companies, had resulted in the rise of global temperatures. 

Due to this, carbon emissions increased at a significant level that has been proven to be very dangerous in the coming years if not taken into consideration. The US climate change act has been one such legislation of the US that has aimed to reduce carbon emissions by the propagation of clean energy in everyone’s houses and transportation capacities.

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