Trump’s Baseless Claim of Migrant ‘Army’ Alarms Immigrant Communities

Rumor that Mexican Migrants in the U. S. Illegally Are Building an Army to Attack Americans Started by ex- President Donald Trumpayaran to Unleash Immigrants in the U. S. Trump who has declared himself as the presumptive Republican presidential candidate in 2024 asserted in a recent interview that he would deport all the aliens in America and that he would use the National Guards and possibly the US military to perform the deportation exercise.  

To support this argument, he used a statement which said that these people are ‘not civilians’ and that it is an ‘invasion of our country’ unlike any before. Still, paradoxically, the president cannot justify his statements about migrants as a military force. Again, Chinese immigrants in Flushing, New York experience daily struggles as victims of crime but no effort has been viewed under any pretense of forming an armed network as the former president have portrayed.  

Donald Trump has openly declared some policies of his campaign: The Biden campaign has criticized Trump vilifying these comments as authoritarian and dictatorial if he secures a second term in office, opining that the president is staging a revenge and retribution rather than how the future of America should look like.  

Legal scholars have also argued that deploying military to deport migrants would be challenged in court Legal Source: NYT Legal As legal scholars argue that Trump’s heavy use of referential language will be challenged legally Immigrant groups also condemned Trump’s rhetoric as demonizing and scapegoating Immigrant groups also criticized Trump’s provocative language as stigmatization and marginalization of the vulnerable groups Legal Source: NYT Legal As a Chinese immigrant in Flushing noted “These are just There is no battalion which is good enough to deserve they get beaten up; there are only families. 

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