Trump Falsely Claims Migrants Bring Contagious Diseases to U.S. Border

President Trump falsely claims that people crossing the Mexico border are bringing in "very contagious disease." Stay tuned for more

President Trump continues to provide falsehoods in the information that individuals transferring through the Mexico frontier are conveying “very contagious disease” into the country.  

This rhetoric relates to his previous remarks; for instance, he stated that illegals are encouraging diseases, and admitting them means ‘poisoning the blood of our country.’ Some of Trump’s statements, made in his WABC radio interview, are not only misleading but would not be supported under empirical studies.  

Migrants are not criminals- Border officials, including some who served during Trump’s administration, affirm that most migrants are vulnerable, often fleeing violence and poverty, and numbers also indicate that there is no correlation between migration and rates of crime.  

This past has involved the use of certain phrases that denigrate migrants, an occasion where the former president said, I don’t even know if in some cases you can call them ‘people.’ A) They’re not people, as far as I am concerned. He has also stated that other nations are sending their ‘criminals’ and ‘criminals’ prisoners’ to cross the border. Even for somebody who is as isolationist and populist as Trump turned out to be, there is still little clarity regarding what policy he would undertake to comply with those objectives regarding the border.  

It seems to be a tactic to blast Biden over handling of borders, which is now Trump’s talking points and ad/fundraising email themes. Critics and policymakers have dismissed Trump’s claims, pointing out that figures show that net immigration has been declining for years and that only desperate and audacious people who can come forward to seek to migrate North are those that are hard-working and have the zeal to work.  

Another allegation he has gotten a lot of flak for since he became the president is using the phrase fake news to discredit media outlets that he believes are reporting negatively of him. 

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