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Truck Accident Liability Rules & Regulations You Should Know

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  • Are you a Truck Driver or a General public?
  • Do you have poor knowledge regarding Truck Accidents?

There are certain Laws in the US that the stakeholder needs to abide by.

Nobody is beyond the jurisdiction of laws. Given the situation (lack of knowledge on Truck Accident Liabilities), you are advised to seek help from trucker attorneys.

There are attorneys for Truck Drivers who are specialised in their field. They could provide you with knowledge and awareness regarding the circumstances surrounding a Truck Accident. Before taking help from the trucker personal injury claims, you must know how the laws are going to run and how the judicial system is going to see your case.

So in this Article we are going to discuss Truck Accident Liability Rules and Regulations that you need to know.

What Is Truck Accident Liability?

Truck Accident liabilities refer to accidents that are caused due to the involvement of freight carriers, like Trucks and big rigs. The Large Trucks are far more muscular in size. And its weight is far more compared to that of the Motor vehicle that treads the roads:

  1. All the larger SUVs can have a weight between 6001 to 10000 pounds.
  2. Passenger  Car Weighs between 1200 to 6000 pounds.
  3. Tractors, Semi tractors, 18 Wheelers weigh typically between  33001 to 80000 pounds.

Now the question is where is the Liability. Because the Trucks carry more weight on their shoulders and themselves are much heavier, they need to bear a larger share of the burden of responsibility and discipline. If an 18 Wheeler crashes with SUVs, understand what will be the consequence of it ? The Smaller car will have major injuries.

And yes, Truck Accident liability focuses more on who is guilty behind the Collision. This is a significant point to discuss.

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Factors That Lead To Truck Accidents

There are certain factors that are responsible for a multitude of devastating injuries and damage. It is found from data that around  160000 people were reported to experience serious injuries in Traffic Collisions involving large trucks.

The interesting point is that 69% of the injury victims were actually the occupants of  Passenger vehicles.

Now the most common factors that trigger accidents on the highways:

  • The Driver who drives the truck must be not that well trained or experienced to handle such issues.
  • Fatigue is a strong point. This is because Drivers work on long schedules. And in the US, they are pretty long indeed.
  • The driver is under the influence of drugs or some other intoxicating substance.
  • Improperly loaded Cargo. In pursuit of higher profits, the drivers overload their Trucks.

Know there are strict laws and regulations that are devised and monitored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. So if you need to know more about it consult a potent attorney for truck drivers. They will provide you with deeper insights into these Laws and Regulations.

Laws And Regulations That Apply To Semi-Trucks

There are certain laws and regulations that apply to Semi Trucks/. And they are most critical to the Truck Accidents:

Securing Cargo

If you are driving a semi-truck you need to tie your cargo secured adequately. You can not tie them loose. Failing off the vehicle it would pose an enormous danger to the other drivers. And one more thing to keep into account. You can not overload your truck.

Required Vehicle Markings

The Department of Transportation issues some marks on the Vehicles. For example HAZMAT markings and other forms of identification.

These laws and regulations offer you the required awareness and safety measures that can eliminate the possible dangers of Accidents.

Truck Accidents Lawsuits

As stated here,
, truck accidents are claimed to be extremely challenging. There are involvements and entanglements so far as laws are concerned.

Well, generally all the proving negligence takes into account establishing of four important factors:

  1. Defendant Breached the Duty of Care.
  2. Plaintiff suffered physical and emotional damages.
  3. The plaintiff suffered damages due to utter negligence.
  4. Plaintiff owes care and assistance.

If these points are established thoroughly then only can the Truck Driver be booked? So if you are a Truck Driver don’t do it all by yourself. Search for a capable attorney for truck drivers, who will fight your case.


This is inferred from the discussion that there are various legal entanglements so far laws and regulations are considered.

There are strict laws and regulations laid by the concerned authorities in the USA, that work tirelessly to eliminate Truck Accidents and save lives.

For further information on truck accident liabilities, ping us in the comment box below.

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