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Titan Submarine Victims’ Family Can Sue Despite Waivers In Liability

Titan Submarine Victims' Family Can Sue Despite Waivers

The picture above shows the Titan submersible that was operated by Ocean Gate expeditions. The submarine was used to visit the wreckage of the sunken ship Titanic. It used to take off the coast of Newfoundland. 

The passengers of Titan, the lost submarine, had signed a liability waiver. However, speculations are being made that the river cannot protect Ocean Gate Expeditions from facing a lawsuit from the victim’s families

What Went Wrong?

There have been reports that the missing Titanic submersible has met with a catastrophic implosion. 

In case you are wondering, this is what a submarine implosion looks like: 

5 major fragments of the submersible were found. It had those into the ocean on Sunday and lost contact with its support vessel after 45 minutes into the ocean. 

The coast guard officials have identified the remains of the Titan’s tail cone and parts of its pressure hull. This deep-sea submarine was carrying 5 passengers to the wreckage site of the Titanic ship. It was commonly used to visit the Titanic site in the Atlantic Ocean off the Newfoundland coast. 

The sound remains of Titan have put an end to the multinational search operation that has been going on for days. All of the passengers paid 250k dollars for the journey 3800 meters under sea level. A CBS reporter has also stated that the same waiver he had once signed for this expedition back in early 2022 had mentioned the possibility of death multiple times on the first page itself.

How Is A Lawsuit Possible, Despite A Waiver?

The waiver is not an ironclad measure against a lawsuit. According to ethical practices of law, a court of law judge can proceed with a lawsuit and project a waiver if there is enough evidence of negligence displayed by the Corporation.

Mr. M.D. Shaffer, a personal injury attorney with expertise in Maritime law based in Texas, has claimed that- “if there were aspects of the design or construction of this vessel that were kept from the passengers or it was knowingly operated despite information that it was not suitable for this dive, that would absolutely go against the validity of the waiver.”

Against such a claim, Ocean Gate Expeditions could argue that it was indeed not grossly negligent, and therefore, the waivers will apply.

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