Truck Driver Accident 

5 Things To Do After Being In A Truck Driver Accident 

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I, as a lawyer, am aware of two things that are factual when assisting victims of truck accidents:

  • There are numerous strategies available to increase your compensation after being in a collision with a big truck or commercial vehicle.
  • Even a rather tiny mistake could result in losing out on a significant amount of potential compensation that you were relying on.

In this article, I will discuss actions to take and actions to avoid following a truck accident.

Truck Accidents – A Basic Overview Of The Calamity 

The possibility of truck accidents is an unfortunate truth that drivers across the nation must deal with when they start driving. Truck drivers put in extended shifts, and driving while tired raises the chances of having an accident.

No matter the reason, the crash between a regular car and a truck can result in significant damage and destruction. It’s usually more complex to pursue compensation for your injuries following a truck accident compared to a car crash.

In contrast, car accidents usually only involve the two drivers, while trucking accidents typically involve various parties, such as:

  • The individuals operating vehicles
  • The company that employs the truck driver, or the trucking company
  • The owner of the truck
  • The cargo of the truck’s owner
  • Anyone who conducted maintenance or repairs on the vehicle.

An aggravating commonality between a car crash and a truck collision is the strong possibility that insurance providers will attempt to reduce the compensation you receive.

I’ve seen serious injury victims from truck accidents offered an absurdly low settlement amounts by unemotional insurance adjusters. So, through this article, I aim to assist you in maximizing any compensation for your truck accident, so let’s start by outlining the steps you should take.

What To Do After A Truck Accident? 

Truck collisions can occur suddenly. Because of their large size, being involved in a collision with a huge commercial truck can be frightening and result in severe injuries.

It is crucial to understand how to protect yourself because the steps you take following a truck accident can affect your compensation claim.

Here are seven important measures to follow being in a commercial truck accident.

1: Seek Proper Medical Treatment 

Getting medical help quickly is crucial.

According to the laws of Minnesota, you are obligated to help those who have suffered injuries. This involves notifying the police to have emergency medical personnel dispatched to the location. Make sure to detail yourself and the others involved when you contact 911.

Nonetheless, you are not required to engage in any activities that may endanger you or result in harm. If you are involved in a truck accident, there is a high likelihood that serious injuries may hinder your ability to provide assistance.

Even if you do not feel any pain at first, make sure to promptly visit a doctor once you have left the location. Diagnostic testing can identify unseen, severe conditions such as internal bleeding.

It has the potential to rescue you from imminent danger. In a personal injury lawsuit, getting medical treatment can also demonstrate that you made efforts to avoid additional harm. Besides, it indicates that your injuries were a result of the truck crash and not a prior event.

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2: Gather A Lot Of Evidence Of The Entire Fiasco 

If you have been in an accident and are feeling okay, here are four things you must do at once. I will suggest you mostly focusing on the following –

  • Collect as many details as you can from the accident site.
  • Take note of the time and place.
  • Capture images displaying the harm to each vehicle that was part of the accident.
  • Take pictures of the license plate, the vehicle type, and any logos displaying the company the truck driver works for.

Photographs depicting the state of the road are also crucial evidence.

So, try to capture images of potholes, skid marks, and weather-related signs during the accident. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent.

Nevertheless, in case there are visible physical injuries, it is advisable to capture images of them at the location and during the subsequent days.

Your personal injury lawyer from Embry Law Firm will use this proof to prove the responsibility of the other party. Legally, both the truck driver and you must share information. Inquire about the driver’s name, date of birth, license plate number, and driver’s license details.

3: Talk To Each And Every Witnesses 

It appears that virtually every moment is being captured on camera today. Many accidents occur in places where there are no surveillance cameras to record them. Witnesses can offer statements that are crucial in indicating the party at fault for a truck accident.

They don’t have any potential gain or loss in the case, unlike the drivers.

It is more probable that their observations will be perceived as impartial. Observers also view the incidents from an alternative viewpoint.

They likely observed causes of the crash that the people inside the vehicle could not have seen. Begin by asking a question that does not have a specific answer about the events that transpired.

Next, ask about details to complete the information. A recording of their accounts in audio or video format will provide a more precise and thorough representation compared to written notes. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to acquire both if you can.

4: Collect Their Contact Information 

Your personal injury lawyer will investigate and gather more evidence, such as paperwork from the trucking company. As investigations into the truck accident progress, you or your attorney may have crucial additional questions to ask.

Gather the names and contact information of every witness you have talked to. It consists of the contact details of drivers and passengers in any additional vehicles that were part of the incident.

5: Call The Police 

Following the accident, attempt to reach a secure location, ideally away from the road and free from traffic. Ensure your own well-being before attempting to assist others or address any additional individuals or vehicles involved.

Dial 911 without delay.

This way, emergency responders can transport you to the hospital in case of severe injuries.

A law enforcement officer will arrive at the location and generate a crash police report. This report could play a significant role in your insurance claim for a trucking accident.

Bonus: Don’t Give Any Statement 

The main focus of an insurance company is to generate and retain as much profit as they can. That implies they will take steps to discredit your assertion. If they have the chance, insurance companies will lead you to say things that could harm your case.

Anything you communicate to them may be utilized to diminish the worth of your claim or disregard it entirely. Minnesota is a state where only one party needs to give consent.

This means that conversations can be recorded with the consent of just one person. Insurance companies have an opportunity to confine you to a single inflexible version of your accident.

They may use it to discredit any future witness testimonies or information you remember later when you’re not feeling stressed. Your lawyer can speak with the insurance company for you and will avoid these deceitful tactics.

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