Tech Employees Lost Jobs in FY2024

Tech Employees Lost Jobs in FY2024

April 2024 came with a significant wave of mass layoffs. The world’s largest enterprises like Google and Apple were forced to cut out on thousands of jobs.

This year, Apple laid off around 614 employees, and that is just the beginning! It is one of the major job cuts Apple has seen in the last few years.

The technical employees who lost their jobs belonged to Apple’s Special Projects Group. This Special Projects Group was focusing on self-driving cars. However, with the layoff, now the project has become dysfunctional.

On the other hand, Google laid off Python, Flutter, and Dart teams. The Google spokesperson then explained that the job was to restructure the overall team, but they didn’t understand the predicament that it would affect the employees in such a way.

Even though it gave an opportunity for the employees to brush their skills, it wasn’t worth it. Google is a prestigious brand and losing a job from there can result in a considerable form of loss.

Following this trend, even Amazon has been cutting off hundreds of jobs in its cloud computing division. This has majorly affected their sales, marketing, and technology teams immensely.

The management however says that they are laying it off as a part of their streamlining process to achieve the core goals of the company.

However, these have crushed several dreams and have increased the unemployment rate all over the world, it has made a significant impact on our lives. People who had big dreams to achieve in their careers are now shunted because of their unfulfilled dreams.
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