Teacher making use of AI to falsely paint boss as racist and antisemitic arrested  

Dazhon Darien, a physical education teacher and athletic director at Pikesville High School in Maryland, created a fake audio recording of the principal spewing hateful comments.   

“Now we can definitely say that there was no truth in the recording,” Robert McCullough – the chief of police of Baltimore County, concluded at his conference earlier today at Towson. “The recording was artificially made with AI-tech.”  

Darien was charged with school disturbance and other misdemeanors.  

“So far, this was incomparably hard for the Pikesville High School community, principal Eiswert and his family.” declared Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent Myriam Rogers.  

An arrest warrant was signed by the judge on Wednesday evening, and Darien was apprehended at 8 a.m. on Thursday morning at the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.  

Darien was supposed to fly to Houston, and a security person was wondering if he had properly stuffed a pistol in the backpack for a trip, McCullough said.  

Darien’s name was checked in the city’s police records, and the warrant popped up, resulting in his arrest, she concluded.  

McCullough, in his turn, didn’t mention whether Darien intended to escape.  

Darien was also charged with assault, retaliation against a witness, and keeping under surveillance.  

According to the arrest warrant, there had been differences in the employee’s performance, and his contract was not being renewed for the next semester.  

According to the detectives’ investigation, it was alleged that it was Mr. Darien, who was athletic director at the school and had installed the camera to retaliate against the principal who had started an inquiry into misappropriation of funds at the school,” McCullough said.  

Eiswert stuck to a $1,916 payment that Darien authorized to be made for some assistant girls’ soccer coach who, in fact, never assisted the team and head coach, and the players said, the police said.  

In addition to that, Eiswert had berated Darien for axing a coach without his consent, according to police.  

If it is proved that the viral audio did, in great part, establish that the speaker is racist, mocking Blacks, Jews, and other people, then it is true to say that the speaker is widely admonished for this.  

A voice starts by saying that black students would be unable to “explicitly demonstrate their high level of intelligence by earning paper bag”, according to the article. 

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