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State Alleges That University Of Central Florida Professor Is Not Legally Adept To Challenge The Law

2 Mins Read August, 08 2022 Posted by Susmita Sen

State lawyers are aiming to convince the Judges to dismiss the arguments made by Dr. Robert Cassanello, a professor at the University of Central Florida, in response to the new state law. The new state law puts limitations on the method of teaching race-related subjects in the classroom. 

The state filed a few documents on Friday which held that Dr. Cassanello who is an assistant professor of history does not possess the necessary knowledge to question the provisions of law. 

The state urged his petition for a preliminary injunction to be denied. 

The documents also hold that the professor has not stated that he will be harmed by the provisions of the new state law.

The law, also known as the Stop WOKE Act, has enumerated a few concepts relating to race. If students were instructed in such a manner that inculcates, promotes, or couples them to believe any of the concepts, it would be considered discrimination. 

The state attorney has earlier said that Dr. Cassanello believes in teaching his students to think for themselves. The act allegedly only prohibits the endorsement of race-related concepts. One would be free to discuss the matters. 

The attorney thus held that even if any study material assigned to the students by Dr. Cassanello endorses the mentioned topics, he would not be held in violation of the Act. 

Dr. Cassanello and other public school teachers had earlier filed the lawsuit against the Act stating that it violated the First Amendment. They had also criticized that banning the application of the critical race theory in the American Education System was wrong.

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