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How To Take Someone To Small Claims Court?

Small Claims Court

There are many ways of solving disputes and one of them is having to go to a court of law. Courts of law like a small claims court are predominantly known to be fair and just. This is exactly why many people revert to their use anytime they are looking for justice.  

However, what many people do not know is that there are many types of courts. One of these courts is the p.a small claims court. This court offers so many services to many interested people from across the globe. 

In fact, the number of people who attend the small claims courts pa has really gone high these days. This highlights the essence of small claims courts across the world. However, to some, the role of small claims courts is still not well brought out.

As such, it is essential to try and describe the p.a small claims court in a way that will help such people understand. This is exactly what you find in this text. The text offers you as much information in this regard to help you understand this topic better.  

Other than that, you will also find other details in this text which are equally essential. All this is done with the view of helping you gain a better understanding of the Philadelphia small claim court. In the end, you will be well informed about this entire text and more so about small claims court Pittsburgh.

What Is A Small Claims Court? 

What Is A Small Claims Court?

There are so many details to the small claims but truth be told not all those details are as important. There are some of them which could be but for the purposes of this text-only few will do. One of these essential details is the definition of the small claims court which you must know.  

A small claims court which is also known as the people court is just a court like any other. However, these courts specialize in cases that involve claims of $ 10, 000 or less. In such courts, cases can be heard and determined more quickly compared to the other courts.  

The other good thing with these courts is that sometimes you do not need a lawyer to have your case heard. The fact that hearings in these courts are informal means that it is easy to hear out and decide cases.  

This then means that it is much easier to expedite cases in Pennsylvania magisterial district court rules. All you have to do is make sure your case is filed in the right manner and that will be it. In fact, one of the reasons why people prefer these courts is because of this issue of speed.  

Decisions In Small Claims Courts Are Faster 

Decisions In Small Claims Courts Are Faster

If you have your case being heard in a small court then chances are you will get a decision much faster.  This is unlike in other types of courts where cases tend to drag on for a longer period of time. The other thing which makes the small claims court such an ideal place to go to is the fact that you do need a lawyer.  

As you might know already, legal services are not cheap. Sometimes you have to dig deeper into your pocket to get these services. However, that is not the case with small claims court unlike in the Philadelphia district courts. 

These courts do not make it a requirement to come with a lawyer during your case. In fact, if you insist on coming with one then you have to see permission from the presiding judge to do so. This makes the use of a lawyer for such cases somehow unnecessary.  

What Type Of Cases Can Be Heard In A Small Claims Court? 

A good question is this to everyone. There are quite a number of cases that can be heard in a small claims court anywhere in this world. These courts handle all money matters and the Pennsylvania statute of limitations contract as well. 

However, the courts can also be used to hear cases regarding property recovery worth below $ 750. You can also use these courts in case you have disputes involving money valued at $ 10,000 or below. In all these cases, you do not need to bring a lawyer like in a Philadelphia civil court. 

Filing A Suit in A Small Claims Court 

Filing A Suit in A Small Claims Court 

Before attempting to sue someone in this court try and settle your dispute first of all. When you eventually file your case you will be required to file a sworn statement. It is this statement that can be used to help you collect your claims.  

Unlike in the Pennsylvania service of process, small claims courts make a provision for settling your case by phone. Other than that, you can also write to the court making your claim if you do not want to appear there in person. However, you need to be informed that any ruling made in this court will depend heavily on the supplied information. 

As you do the writing and everything you have to make sure you retain the utmost simplicity. Also, you need to ensure that you file your case in the most unemotional way. Do not do it in a way similar to that of people filing a Pennsylvania breach of contract.  

If you do that chances are you might struggle with it somehow. The way you present your case is simply similar to a Philadelphia municipal court case search. This way, you will make it easier for the court to hear and decide your case and even get you a reward.  

These cases might at times take time depending on the magisterial district court pa but that is always very rare. If you file your case in the right way then you should be able to get a settlement within the shortest period of time possible.  


The details about small claims courts are so wide and touch on so many things at the same time. The text above looks into some of them to help you understand a Philadelphia small claims court even well. From the text, there are also other equally essential details about small claims courts which you might find useful. 

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