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Simple Steps You Can Take To Win An Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

If there is one thing about most insurance underwriters, it would be that they either try to get out of paying a claim or paying as little as possible.

That’s a given. While some insurance companies are easier to deal with, you will find that many will take you all the way to court in order to settle an insurance claim. 

With this in mind, it is always wise to learn a few things you can do almost always to ensure winning a legitimate claim before it goes to litigation.

What Are The Simple Steps You Can Take For Winning An Insurance Claim?

For any type of insurance claim, there are certain types of documents you require. And these insurance claims are more like a step-by-step process. From metro insurances to home insurances everywhere, you require a very strategic process.

1. Know Your Policy

You cannot process an insurance claim unless you do not know the insurance policy. So before starting the documentation parts, always take a look at the policy types and documentation required. The required documentation can turn on the claims. Handy insurance means the claim process will not be complicated process.

First, take a look at the insurance claims. There are always some deductible components in the policy. Always take a look and know what areas require your attention. The coverage amount and the limits of the claim. 


Every policy claiming process is different and always read through the documents before processing the insurance claims. For example, many travel insurance claims cover thefts during traveling. Some do not. You have to know all about it before starting the process.

2. Documentation Is A Priority

Let’s begin with something like homeowners, renters, or property insurance, which can be documented long before the event, should it happen.

While you are often told that the insurance claim covers the set amount you’ve purchased and that you won’t need things like photos to substantiate your claim, that isn’t always the case. 

Even receipts may not validate your claim. What many adjusters suggest is that you document high-dollar items with photos or videos that can substantiate what you are claiming is your legal right under the insurance you purchased. 


When questioned why a receipt isn’t accepted at times, the answer is that the adjuster can’t prove the item was in your possession or on your premises.

POV: You may want to invest in a computer with a high-quality graphics card like those found on if you are taking videos because the better the quality, the more substantial your claim will be.

3. Say As Little As Possible

One thing many consumers don’t realize is that when calling into a call center after an event such as an accident, fire, or another natural disaster, they will reach a low-level adjuster. 

From there, the insurance claim will be sent up to an adjuster who handles that particular kind of claim. These higher-level adjusters are experts in getting claimants to literally bury themselves by saying the wrong thing. 


What you should do is say as little as possible, and if you are denied in the first round, it’s time to call in the pros.

4. Find A Specialist Attorney

If you are denied or offered an amount substantially less than the amount you are insured for and the cost of damages or loss, immediately hire an attorney who specializes in insurance litigation. From this point on, do not speak with the insurance claim company unless your attorney advises it is okay. 

The point is, as mentioned above, they can easily back you into a corner because that is part of their training. Insurance companies are obviously in business to make money, so they will try to pay claims as little as possible.

While you obviously can’t document an automobile accident prior to the event, you can always pull out that camcorder and take a video of the damages to your vehicle and the location of each vehicle affected. 


Video documentation of possessions in your home is also important and may be key to winning a claim, as is proper legal representation if necessary. The point is that you bought that insurance for events like these, and it is well within your legal rights to file a claim. Don’t be discouraged because help is out there. You can win a legitimate claim, and this is exactly how you’ll do it.

Wrapping It Up:

An insurance claim is a very strategic process. From claim understanding to documentation making, every part is important.

Sometimes the insurance claim takes more time to process. So if you want to have an insurance claim, then patience is the ultimate solution.

But the help of a lawyer is always required. When you are going to take the help of a lawyer, the whole process is going to be smooth. These simple steps are the four steps for an insurance claim.


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