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3 Secret Investigative Tools Every Lawyer Should Know About

Investigative Tools

When it comes to private detectives or lawyers, they all have some secret “investigative tools” that help them get the job done.

This means that at a certain point, they will use a database to complete their investigations, especially as the starting point.

Ultimately, for most private investigators, finding a person or gathering information will come down to detectives knocking on doors or doing surveillance. But now science is coming first and saving your time and energy.

Let’s start to see the secret tools which every lawyer should know. And unwrap the secret.

3 Secret Investigative Tools For Lawyers

First, know why the lawyers require the tools. Every case is not a police case. So when you are in the law field, this is not entirely accurate that you will get help from the police.

So what are these secret investigative tools that detectives or lawyers should know about? Below we reveal three of them.

1. Google 


Google is the most popular search engine, and it could be quite a predictable choice when it comes to searching for information. Whether you type in “ how to find a person in South Korea” or anywhere else in the world, there are at least 5 ways to do it.

To add to this, recently, the U.S government ordered Google to ask them to provide data to anyone who is going to search for information. Those mean’s asking to become investigative tools. Such as the name or address of a sexual assault victim.

One solution is there you search with the person’s name in the google search engine. And Google is going to show all the available news associated with the person. Another way is if anyone can direct search down the person’s record, they can search and find every detail which is associated with the person what are those codes?

For Example site: Sitename “person name”.After running this code on the google search engine, the result will go to show the existing records of the person on the site. Even it is also going to show if any records are there or not.

2. Skopenow

Skopenow is an analytical search engine that helps to facilitate an investigation into businesses or people by collecting and analyzing publicly available information from the dark web or social media.

Due to a large amount of information available, it is not always easy to organize it or search for it efficiently, and Scopenow is a tool that helps lawyers or investigators do exactly that.

For a monthly fee, this service offers data on a person’s or business’s social media profiles, posts, email addresses, pictures, usernames, etc.

Skopennow is another great option under the different kinds of investigative tools. You actually do not have to work anything with it. This tool is powered by an automated structure. The dates are secure and entirely authenticated. Skopennow is an open-source research platform.So from any where you can handle the data by accessing this single platform.



Google can be a good ally when looking for the most recent information, but if it’s about a more dated one, then is the place to find it. Some of the information may not have made it to the search engines, so using this subscription-based service can help lawyers who are looking for data from before the 1980s.

Many times getting the historical nbews are becoming really challenging. As very few people are living in the current time who actually know the facts. But that does not mean that you do not have to know the old documents. So where to go? Your nearest library? Of course, not Your library is one destination.

But is another great option where you can get all sorts of news. This is a great solution for people who like to get historical data and the news. So under all investigative tools, this tool is also going to be a perfect pick for starting your investigation work.

Take Away

Using information from available databases is essential in every private investigator or lawyer’s work. As seen above, most of the tools used in the investigation process are not very “secret”, as they are publicly available, and every lawyer should be aware of them to facilitate their job.

A good private investigator in South Korea will always use other methods as well, like surveillance.

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