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Rights You Have As A Criminal Accused

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Accused of a crime?

Have you been Mirandized?

Are you given the right to a lawyer?

Are you allowed to plead the fifth?

No, do not panic! You have to understand the law and comprehend the fact that no officer working under law and order can force you to confess anything which you do not wish to (especially not with force).

They say when you are around the vicinity of a crime, whether you have done it or not, they suspect you. So, it is better to secure your position and be wary of all the laws which can protect you.

In this excerpt below, we will be jotting down the rights which you absolutely have as someone accused of a crime.

Rights To Protect You

Remember these ten rights when you are questioned after an arrest, and you will never be in a tough situation worried about a trial or a life sentence.

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1. Freedom From Self-Incrimination

If you are under a justified law and order, they should never be able to incriminate you for any crime or wrongdoings. Therefore, they cannot use any kind of violence, force, intimidation, or form of physical or mental torture to get confessions out of you.

If force has been executed in any form, for example, a forceful and violent arrest, you have every right to report that officer.

2. A Quick Justice

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Justice delayed is justice denied?’ Although every accused has a right to bail, they are not often handed with permission. No matter how much their lawyer fights for it. At times like this, the criminal might need a quick court hearing since he or she is tired of imprisonment and being cooped up in a cell.

It is not the public prosecution party who asks for swift justice.

3. Access To A Lawyer

No matter what crime someone is accused of, they are allowed to have a lawyer at all times. No matter the criminal proceeding, the accused has a right to take legal advice from their lawyer.

If there are any cases of wrongful restriction, where an accused has not been informed about their law properly, or there have been deliberate attempts for the officers to prevent their rights. Furthermore, if the accused faces any genuine issues in understanding the law, the police officers have to provide them with rightful assistance.

For example, if someone cannot read the law or they are challenged with blindness. Or, maybe they are from a different country, and they do not understand the law.

4. Right To Every Information

There has to be a certain level of transparency that you must maintain with the case. If there are any new changes in the investigation process, if there is any new information that has come up, the criminal lawyer should have the right to share it with the accused party.

Plus, during the arrest, the accused party has every right to know the reasons behind their arrest and all the charges they are accused of.

5. Impartiatity & No Discrimination

No matter what gender, race, and culture the accused party belong to, they are all equal in front of the law. This means the judge and jury in charge cannot harbor any form of discrimination towards the accused party.

Neither can they let this discrimination and impartiality cloud their judgment. The accused is innocent until proven guilty in front of the law, and everyone has to abide by that without any discrimination. 

Know Your Rights!

You do not know when a situation of such might emerge where you are accused of a crime (whether you are innocent or guilty comes after). Before that, there are some human rights that you should be allowed to protect.

This is one of the reasons why you should always be legally prepared and take professional legal help whenever required.

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