Republicans In Congress Pass Bills to Send Aid to Israel

Republicans In Congress Pass Bills to Send Aid to Israel

As the Presidential elections of 2024 are commencing, both the Republicans and the Democrats are marching forward to fulfill their propaganda.

To take an example, on Friday, the Republican-led representatives in Congress pressured Joe Biden to send off weapons to Israel. Why? Because, through this way, they can rebuke the Democrats as they delay bomb shipments. Biden even urges Israel to protect their civilians properly during this wartime.

In the meantime, to strengthen their claims on the White House, the Democrats even introduced the Israel Security Assistance Support Act that would help them consolidate their positions during the Presidential elections.

Coming back to the Republican urge to help out Israel with weapons, sixteen Democrats joined in this Act and mostly were backed by the Republicans in this case.

Meanwhile, there have still been reasonable doubts about whether the act will become a law or not. Palestinian authorities have even exclaimed that more than 35,272 civilians have been killed during this horrific campaign in Gaza.

There have also been considerable global implications about this which might end up disapproving of the Act in a larger sense. The Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson even told in the news conference that they cannot let this stand and one must take immediate action about it.

Democrats have even accused the Republicans of playing politics in this regard that even confirming that Republicans were trying not only to distort Biden’s position in Israel but also within the Congress.

The House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries even said that even though it’s a serious effort by the Democrats, it might not be very fruitful as many Democrats would like to raise a voice against it.

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