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What Do You Need To Prove Adultery In A Divorce


Lack of commitment, conflict/arguing, abuse, and adultery are some of the most common reasons for couples getting a divorce. Especially when you find out that your spouse with who you have spent several years is cheating on you can be heartbreaking and devastating.

Of course, this can also hinder you from looking at the true picture without being emotional. In addition to hiring an expert family lawyer, read this article, where a reputable Australian detective agency will share some insights on proving adultery.

Let’s begin exploring what you need to prove adultery in a divorce to make the process a whole lot easier for you. 

File the Paperwork and Provide Evidence

Filing for the divorce petition will be your first step in starting the divorce procedure. However, in case of adultery, you will also need to provide evidence that adultery actually did take place between your spouse and another person.

You can show pictures or videos of your spouse being affectionate with the other person. Other pieces of evidence include tickets booked for their vacation, copies of emails or text messages, records of phone calls, and even bank card statements showing the purchase of gifts for the person they are cheating with.

However, keep in mind that this alone may not serve as legally-acceptable evidence. You will need to also prove that your spouse had the chance or opportunity to commit adultery along with this evidence. For example, an overnight stay at the hotel or pictures/GPS evidence of them checking into the hotel together.

Evidence can also be provided by a third-party witness or even if your spouse or their lover themselves admit they committed adultery.

Make Sure the Evidence Is Legit


Whether you use a keystroke recognition software to obtain your spouse’s email password, guess their phone’s password, set up a fake social media profile to keep an eye on your spouse’s activities, or even acquire evidence through threats, they all will be unacceptable in court.

Why? Because they have been illegally obtained. Therefore, they won’t hold any legal grounds, and you may even be fined for this. You must show the court that you collected the evidence in a legal manner without breaking any laws.  

Hire an Attorney

You must make sure that you get in touch with a professional family law attorney who has a lot of experience in adultery cases and has a great record.

They will not only help you throughout the process and guide you with all the paperwork and other legal complications but also make sure that you quickly and successfully end the divorce process. They can also help you collect evidence the legal way.

…Or Hire a Private Investigator

Of course, you will need to hire an experienced lawyer to take care of the case. However, a private investigator can make it all even easier, and they will be able to gather evidence in a legal manner that will be admissible in court.

Moreover, they won’t be emotionally attached to the case as you would be, so they will professionally handle everything related to gathering evidence for your peace of mind and to prove your partner’s adultery. They may also be able to uncover their hidden assets!


Going through a divorce due to adultery is something you don’t want to go through. However, with the help of the right attorney and even a private investigator, you can speed up the process of gathering evidence against your spouse and successfully winning the case without much waiting time. 

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