Former Pennsylvania Nurse Sentenced for Life for Killing Three Patients

A former nurse in Pennsylvania has been sentenced to life imprisonment after admitting that she had intentionally injected nearly two dozen of her patients with a high dosage of insulin, which killed three of them.   

Heather Pressdee was sentenced on Thursday in a Butler County state courthouse near Pittsburgh, where nearly 40 of her victim’s family members have spoken about how her crimes have upended their lives. Moreover, prosecutors have issued at the conclusion of a case that highlights how frighteningly vulnerable patients can be within healthcare settings.   

Many of her victims have stated that “she took someone from this earth that she had no right to take, and she played God when she didn’t have that right.” Another individual whose brother had died from the overdose has stated, “She is pure evil.”   

Prosecutors who initially filed criminal charges against Pressdee in May 2023 determined that she had intentionally injected a mix of lethal and deadly amounts of insulin into 22 patients at five different medical facilities spread across counties within Pittsburgh. Patients who Pressdee started attacking in 2020 ranged within the age group of 43 to 104.   

Heather Pressdee, 41, has avoided trial as well as the potential of execution by lethal injection by agreeing to plead guilty to three charges of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder.   

In return, the judge presiding over her case handed her three consecutive life sentences for the murders. Moreover, Pressdee has also been ordered to subsequently serve another 380 to 760 years in prison for the attempted murders.

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