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How To Prevent Pedestrian Injury? All Things To Know About Pedestrian Accident Attorney

pedestrian accident attorney

Accidents on the side of the road are more common than you think. However, just because people walk safely on the sides of the streets and footpaths does not mean that they are always safe from accidents. Unfortunately, many drivers do not think about whether the roads are busy or not.

Hit and runs happen everywhere. Whether it was the fault of the driver or the pedestrian is questionable. If an accident happens, then a pedestrian accident attorney is necessary.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, you need to learn about choosing the right pedestrian accident lawyer after an accident. This is because when dealing with the hands of law, an attorney is a must to make sure that the case is always in your favor. 

What Do You Mean By Pedestrian Accident?

What Do You Mean By Pedestrian Accident?

Who is a pedestrian? Any person who walks on the sides of the roads on the footpath or the pavement is a pedestrian. This technically makes anyone not traveling in a vehicle on the streets a pedestrian. 

Vehicles and pedestrians are prone to danger on the roads. For example, a car can hit a person on the street, leading to instant death. This makes pedestrian accidents one of the deadliest accidents. This is also why a pedestrian accident attorney is in high demand. 

Pedestrian accidents will definitely lead to the victim suffering from many injuries. The most common injury they face is cracked ribs, broken bones and nose, and dislocated joints. Therefore, the pain and cost of suffering from a pedestrian accident are pretty high and should be prevented at all costs.

What Are The Main Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents?

What Are The Main Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents?

Many researchers did many surveys and interviews in the US to discover the leading causes of pedestrian accidents. After analyzing, we found out that the leading causes as to why a pedestrian accident attorney is in high demand are:

  • Distraction: One of the leading causes of pedestrian accidents on the road is pointed towards a distracted driver. Often, drivers might be busy on a call, talking with someone else in the car, or looking at another vehicle on the road. During such distracting moments, they fail to realize that pedestrians are walking very close by and sometimes fail to see the red signal. 
  • Drunk Driving: The classic old case of road accidents, drinking and driving has been a staple of pedestrian accidents and forever will be. While no one can stop you from drinking, driving under the influence is a serious crime that has led to many accidents and even deaths. 
  • High-Speed Driving: Driving at high speed (above 70/80 km/h) has led to many unfortunate accidents over the years. This mostly boils down to how well the driver controls the car at such high speeds and how the driver stops the vehicle at an intersection or traffic signal. These accidents are more common on highways than on urban roads. 
  • Wrong Turnings: Taking a wrong turn after the traffic signal goes red or taking the turn at high speed has led to many pedestrian accidents. 
  • Pedestrian’s Fault: It is not always the fault of the driver every time an accident takes place. It is often the ignorance of pedestrians to stick to the pavement at all times, and often crossing the road when the cars have not stopped has led to severe accidents as well. 

Who Is A Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Who Is A Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

If you go through a pedestrian accident, you should first contact a pedestrian accident attorney if you survive and come back alive. Then, if you believe that the accident was not your fault, you must file a pedestrian accident lawsuit against the perpetrator; read more here.

Hiring an accident lawyer is necessary because the charges you press against the other person must be sound enough to convince the jury of the other person’s fault. Therefore, you need to make sure that everything in your statement is prepared after taking suggestions from your accident attorney. 

However, what separates a pedestrian accident attorney from a motorcycle accident lawyer is that every lawyer has their area of specialization. 

Accident and injury lawyers specialize in solving cases where the defendant is a pedestrian. On the other hand, a motorcycle accident attorney specializes in cases where the defendant is involved in an accident while driving a motorcycle. 

How To Find The Best Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

How To Find The Best Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Unfortunately, if you become involved in a pedestrian accident, you should have a plan in mind to put the accused person behind bars (or make them pay a lot of money). Therefore, according to personal injury law, you will need to find the best pedestrian accident attorney in town to make your lawsuit a success. 

To hire the best pedestrian accident lawyer, you must keep the following points in mind:

1. Check Their Experience And Reputation

Experience is one of the most important factors to consider before hiring a pedestrian accident attorney. The more experienced the attorney is, the higher their chances of defending you and winning the case on your behalf instead of a car accident lawyer

2. See How Successful They Are

When you check their experience, you must check their previous case histories if they are from a pedestrian accident law firm. If you see that the lawyer has won most of their cases, they must be good at what they do. Check their win ratio to judge their potential and success rate by yourself. 

3. Seek Referrals From Your Friends And Relatives

Asking your friends and relatives whether they know any good lawyers or pedestrian accident attorneys will help you hire a good one. We recommend this because your friends and family are more likely to suggest good and reputed attorneys and a pedestrian injury accident law firm instead of a truck accident lawyer.

4. Interview Many Attorneys

Do not stick with one or two suggestions you have received so far. Try to get a hold of many lawyers and interview them one by one. Only after this will you be able to hire the best pedestrian accident attorney. 

5. Check Your Wallet

While all the points above are essential, it ultimately boils down to how much you can pay the pedestrian accident attorney. They will definitely have a different rate than a tenant lawyer or a wrongful death lawyer. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How Can Pedestrian Injuries Be Prevented? 

Ans: Pedestrian injuries on the road can be prevented by both drivers and pedestrians being diligent and careful on the road at all times.

Q2. What Should You Avoid As A Pedestrian?

Ans: As a pedestrian, you should avoid walking on the roads and have an earphone or headphones over your ears. 

Q3. What Steps Should You Take Immediately If You Are Involved In A Collision?

Ans: If you are involved in a collision, you should assist anyone injured and notify the police. 

Q4. What Is The Most Common Cause Of Injury To Pedestrians? 

Ans: The most common cause of injury to pedestrians are fast cars and drunk drivers.


After an accident, hiring a pedestrian accident attorney is necessary to ensure that you file a lawsuit against the one responsible. It is essential to do so because pedestrian accident cases increase every day, and fewer cases get filed. 

You can make sure that you hire the best pedestrian accident attorneys by checking their experience and reputation in the industry and how much they charge.

If you want to know more about other attorneys for various types of accidents, please check our other articles out if you’re going to hire the best lawyer possible.

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