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Theme Park Trauma: What To Do After An Orlando Theme Park Accidentnil

Orlando Theme Park Accident

Orlando has an immediate association with theme parks. After getting excited, spending money, planning, and enjoying time at one of the parks, the last thing on anyone’s mind is a horrific accident. There are countless different causes of accidents at theme parks including slips and trips, insufficient warning signs, failing rides, and missed inspections. Being injured at a theme park can be devastating, regardless of the cause and extent. In the aftermath of the accident, you can claim compensation. Here’s what you need to do.

Seeking Medical Attention

Seeking Medical Attention

Immediately after an accident, you need to ensure your own safety and seek medical attention. You may be concerned about the cost of visiting an ER, especially if you’re visiting from out-of-state. However, your health is the number one priority – everything else can be dealt with afterward.

Speak To Witnesses

Whether you’re hospitalized or not, it’s important to gather evidence surrounding the injury. Collecting witness details is a vital step and could be the difference between winning and losing a claim for compensation. If you’re unable to take the details yourself, have a trusted loved one track down witness details.

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Take Photos

Your injuries will be the most important part of your compensation claim, which means being able to prove you had injuries months after. The best way to do this is by taking photos and videos of your injuries and backing them up to avoid losses. As well as pictures of the injuries, you may be in a position to take pictures of the accident. Your photos can include people involved, signs of damage, and potential witnesses.

Get A Copy Of The Incident Report

Unfortunately, large theme parks aren’t required by state law to report incidents. However, this doesn’t mean the park won’t have in-house reporting processes in place to protect them from lawsuits.

Therefore, you should speak to a representative at the theme park and ask for a copy of the incident report. If there isn’t one available, ask for one to be created, and don’t let up until you have one. With little regulation, evidence is key to winning theme park compensation claims.

Lawyer Up

Lawyer Up

Compensation claims are complicated, so get in touch with a reputable Theme Park Accident Attorney in Orlando FL, like David R. Heil P.A., immediately. Having a lawyer on your side will help alleviate stress and increase your chances of winning a claim.

Take Notes On Everything

Presenting evidence for your compensation claim can occur sometime after the initial accident, so make sure you document everything. Take details of the names of any people you’ve spoken to, and what was said. Additionally, you need to record your medical injuries including physical and mental trauma.

Theme park visits are supposed to be fun, but accidents do happen. To cover medical bills and other expenses, you can file a compensation claim. However, you need to have sufficient evidence, so be sure you follow the steps outlined above.

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