Bernie Sanders Exclaim That Obesity Drugs Can Bankrupt US Economy

Bernie Sanders

Healthcare drives the major force of the US economy. Among them, the rise of prices in obesity drugs is taking a huge brunt of this situation.

There have been surveys that have exclaimed that more than $1 trillion (about $3,100 per person in the US) has been bankrupting the American healthcare system over the past few years in the process.

Bernie Sanders, the current chairman of the Senate Health, Labor, and Pension Committee of the US has spoken up about this and thinks that it’s a critical issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. They have repeatedly advocated policies that can even reduce the prices of prescription drugs.

A few days back, there was shocking news that Ozempic was majorly helping women to conceive which has lately been very difficult for them. However, there was the latest investigation that was launched by Sander’s team focusing on Ozempic and Wegovy which resulted in the predicament that bankrupted the overall economy of the United States.

Both Ozemoic and Wegovy are the best-known brand names for semaglutide which was a worthwhile medicine in 2017. In the report, Sanders also asserts that half of Americans are suffering from recurring obesity by taking Wegovy and Ozempic. The manufacturing itself costs around $411 billion (about $1,300 per person in the US) per year which even incurs the matters of manufacturer’s discounts as well.

Sanders exclaims and says that now it’s crystal clear how these weight loss drugs are paving the way for ruining the US economy at large. He also says, and we quote, “There is no rational reason other than greed” in this aspect.

In short, no matter how effective these drugs might be, there is no such way that can help in reviving the US economy if they don’t get out of the market as soon as possible.

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