Novo Nordisk Blames Middlemen for High Price of Ozempic Drugs

Novo Nordisk Blames Middlemen for High Price of Ozempic Drugs

Ozempic is now always at the top of any sort of controversy. It’s been one of the most highly-priced drugs on the market. However, its makers, Novo Nordisk have raised a concern about this.  

Over here, Novo Nordisk blames the middlemen of the US healthcare system for launching high prices for both Wegovy and Ozsempic. Both are popularly known as weight loss drugs. They, however, are mere semaglutide that helps keep your insulin levels under balance.  

As the US Senator launches an investigation about these two drugs, the parent company Novo Nordisk raises their issue about the presence of middlemen in this scenario that has been hampering their overall revenue.  

According to the investigation rendered, Sanders concluded that Novo Nordisk is now the most valuable company in Europe. However, pointing out his concerns about the inclusion of middlemen in the complex US healthcare system, also highlights how the net price of both Wegovy and Ozempic are increasing due to the current market conditions.  

The Danish pharmaceutical giant also said that they’re willing to work with the US lawmakers to cooperate and tackle these systematic issues easily. This would help in increasing access to its medicines at large.   

This was followed by the incident in April when they announced the launch of the HELP Committee’s investigation into the Danish company. During that time, Sanders called out the company and asked them to give a detailed breakdown of the cost of the drugs that were incurred during this process of development.  

This is where the committee discovered that Novo Nordisk charges around $1,349 a month for Wegovy. The drug costs around $140 and $92 in the UK and Germany.  

Ozempic costs around $969 a month in the US while in other countries like Canada and Germany, it costs around $155 a month and $59.  

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