GOP Pushes to Criminalize Noncitizen Voting Despite Limited Local Election Participation 

GOP Pushes to Criminalize Noncitizen Voting Despite Limited Local Election Participation

Such an open attempt on the part of the Republicans by which no noncitizens will cast a vote at the upcoming local elections, which “legally” sounds ridiculous. Different from that of a few municipalities that do permit noncitizens to take part in their cities’ local elections, such as what goes in the cities of San Francisco and New York, Republicans are getting even harsher in their dedication to this cause and want to see strong legal actions against this activity.   

No doubt, the most apropos question, probably everyone debates, is the noncitizen voting that the Republicans consider as one of the main problems trapped in the electoral system. The critics counter that this development reveals the Republican Party’s remarkable proclivity to treat the instances of noncitizens’ participation in local elections as a significant voting issue. Also, while the candidate choice for the general election is considerable, there are a few noncitizens eligible to vote in local elections. In case they are right, it means that the parties linked to the Republicans lead to a decrease in the number of voters voting as well as those from the minority groups.    

A national debate continues in the US about voting rights, and the system of election reforms is what hinders the Republicans from involving noncitizens during polling, just like the way the Democrats successfully involve them. Today, the argument over voting put in place arises more of a politicizing matter; for example, Texas and Georgia have passed voting restrictions at the state level. It was a partisan attitude considered a necessary condition for voting box availability.    

To advocates of noncitizen voting, this argument is in the interest of the proposition that such an act ensures that immigrants are not deprived of opportunities to participate in the affairs of the community. For example, when the inhabitants of a certain region took part in the provision of services, it opened the way for the organization of local government and the passing of orders that affect this community. However, the opposition group is not less active in pointing out that citizens are not capable of making decisions of such kind because that would mean that the state of democracy would be lost, and the significance of citizenship revalorized.   

Therefore, the GOP‘s attempts to criminalize immigrant voting provoke third parties to address the topics of negative outcomes on the immigrant population along with projecting what could be the possibility of the future policy. The field gets tougher with each statehouse and City Hall fight, which is finished finally with legislation to prohibit a plethora of measures from disfranchisement of the right to vote or from gerrymandering.   

Overall, however, noncitizens’ involvement in elections in the locality has still been quite small, and for the GOP, criminalizing this voting activity is clear evidence that society has lacked consensus about immigration, voting rights, and even political parties. The dispute shall subside, no doubt, meaning that the conductors of this policy shall take the lead in determining where the electoral system is heading in the US. 

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