Nikki Haley Publicly Declares That She Will Vote for Trump

Nikki Haley Publicly Declares That She Will Vote for Trump

Nikki Haley is a known name and face in Indian American politics. Any opinion she makes is going to come out like wildfire. The same thing happened here as well.

Nikki Haley publicly said during the campaign this Wednesday that she will be voting for Donald Trump as she thinks Biden has been a complete catastrophe. As a political figure, talking about voting choices has severe consequences, but Haley didn’t care for any.

She even encouraged the presumptive GOP nominee to work hard and win the support of those people who would vote for Trump.

At first, Haley gives a moving speech about foreign policy and national security. However, she later exclaimed that even though Trump is not a great choice for politics or coming up with new favorable policies, he still is the obvious choice other than Joe Biden. She says that Joe Biden’s policies haven’t been very fruitful lately and she would gladly vote for Trump.

Haley even talked about how Trump needs to earn support from their voters. Haley even quit the Presidential race more than two months ago. However, during that time, she didn’t endorse Trump during her campaigns. Now, lately, she’s been voicing her opinions about electing Trump and how he is a perfect candidate instead of Biden.

She also exclaimed that it would be smart enough for Trump to reach out to millions of people and gain their confidence to secure his term. Currently, Nikki Haley is the head of the conservative Hudson Institute as the Walter P. Stern professor. During her speech, she even criticized the trends towards the isolationist party and the Republican party. She even lambasted the overall foreign policies made by Joe Biden as well

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