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New Bill Introduced by the Iowa Governor Changing the Educational Landscape

New Bill Introduced by the Iowa Governer Changing the Educational Landscape

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a new bill of law in 2545 splits into four divisions, that uplift the overall educational landscape of Iowa. They are now laying out new and improved requirements based on different levels for fostering a better life.  

On Wednesday, the governor’s office made a new release that talks about how formal education on the USA’s history and culture plays an important role in shaping young minds.  

The Bill was even signed at Beit Shalom Jewish Community with the members of the Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities.  

The governor and the Jewish community aim to broaden the scope of raising the educational standards where children are going to learn in detail about American civics and Western history. The bill also specifies that it should also teach the students about the evils and the history of the Holocaust.  The curriculum also includes teaching Children about World War II and the significance of ancient Israel.  

Here are the provisions written in the bill that ensure a seamless way of education. They are:  

  • The diplomatic, political, and military history of the US.  
  • The exemplary contributions of the Americans in World History.  
  • The Founding Fathers of the USA.  
  • The American Revolutionary War.  
  • The War of 1812.  
  • The Civil War.  
  • World Wars I & II.  
  • The Vietnam War.  
  • The Korean War.  
  • The 9/11 attacks.  
  • The foundations of Iowa and other famous Iowans.  
  • The secular and the religious ideals of liberty.  

Governor Reynolds believes this will help them uplift their understanding of the love for history. They are going to learn in detail about the grassroots of their belongings and help them connect with their roots.  

The Governor and the Education Department of Iowa are both feeling very hopeful about this.

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