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Best Legal Staffing Advice New Law Firms Can Rely On

Legal Staffing Advice

Starting a new law firm is fraught with challenges despite a booming demand in the legal sector. The most daunting part is building a legal team because talent is scarce, and the best resources chase lucrative jobs with established firms.

However, it is possible to set apart a startup and make it an attractive prospect to work with, provided you highlight the perks. Moreover, you can adopt a frugal approach to reduce the hefty recruitment expenses that may burn a hole in your budget.

Here is the best legal staffing advice new firms can rely on.

1. Take it slow and easy

 best legal staffing advice

Like any startup entrepreneur, law firm founders are often too enthusiastic at the beginning of their journey. You may want to go too big too early, which can hit your shoestring budget hard. Experts recommend taking it slow and easy by starting small and building from there.

You can pick a niche instead of getting too broad with your service offerings. It enables you to start small with a few people. Of course, you can continue adding more lawyers to the team as caseloads increase down the line.

2. Highlight startup perks

As a new law firm, you can likely not compete on the salary front because bigger ones will always offer more to candidates. But you can leverage startup perks as your winning point, besides offering competitive base salaries.

A good work-life balance is a top perk of working with new entrants, so focus on it. You can also promote benefits such as on-site amenities, flextime, telecommuting, and pro bono activities to attract top legal talent.

3. Collaborate with legal recruiters

legal recruiters

Legal startups often work on a small scale, so hiring an HR team may not be in the cards. But collaboration with legal recruiters is the new norm for legal staffing, and even established firms follow the model.

The pandemic has contributed to the popularity of the concept, and it is worth adopting because it saves time and money. Moreover, you have a chance to land the best talent for your startup.

4. Deepen your talent pool

Scalability is another critical factor for new law firms because you may need to onboard more people sooner than later. Getting qualified resources on the fly is challenging, but your recruitment partner can help.

You can also focus on deepening your talent pool by tapping current employees for referrals. Also, check professional networks to expedite hiring and build your team over time.

5. Be open and flexible

legal professionals

Finding skilled legal professionals who match all your requirements and expectations is easier said than done. It is even harder for startups because lawyers have more opportunities than you imagine.

Adjusting your criteria is the key, as an open and flexible approach helps. You must focus on the essential skills and emphasize on-the-job training. Hiring fresh professionals is a good option as they are more dedicated and come at a smaller price tag.

Empowering your new law firm with the best talent is the key to growth and success. You can follow these hiring tips to bring the best on board. Also, go the extra mile with a viable retention plan.

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