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Legal Challenges Rise For Biden’s Us-Mexico Policies Regarding CBP-One App

Legal Challenges Rise For Biden's Us-Mexico Policies Regarding CBP-One App

They believe this system is challenging for many migrants to navigate and have decided to take the matter to court to contest the government’s immigration plans.

The main issue is that how the government, in collaboration with Mexican authorities, is preventing migrants from seeking protection at certain points on the border unless they have made an appointment through the CBP One app.

What Are Some Of The Problems Of This App?

This app has been found to difficult for some people due to factors like:

a.      limited internet access,

b.      language barriers, or

c.      unfamiliarity with technology.

d.     also, there is a strict daily limit of 1,450 appointments, which further complicates the situation.

The lawsuit was filed by groups supporting immigrants. For all people seeking asylum in the U.S., the CBP One app creates a digital waiting list that apparently only benefits a small number of “privileged migrants”. This only ends up with leaving others at a disadvantage.

This lawsuit involves people from various countries, including Mexico, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Russia, who were unable to secure appointments while waiting in Mexico.

Current Circumstances?

As of June, a significant number of people, approximately 38,000, used the CBP One app to go through the entry process, and over 170,000 individuals received appointments during the first six months of the year, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

CBP, in response to the concerns, stated that the use of the app has led to more streamlined processing at border crossings, granting greater access to asylum and humanitarian protections. However, they assured that they still accommodate people who arrive at the border without an appointment. Many have pointed out that this only shows their commitment to providing all the asylum seekers equal protection.

This legal challenge adds to the complications surrounding the Biden administration’s border approach. This approach aims to provide legal support for the entry of legal immigrants. It also seeks to restrict asylum for those who enter without permission.

Officials view the administration’s approach as effective. They have reported a considerable reduction in illegal crossings since implementing a rule on May 11.

What Does This Rule Do?

This rule allows authorities to deny asylum to individuals who arrive at the border without using the CBP One app or looking for protection in another country they already passed through.

This June, authorities stopped migrants around 145,000 times, the lowest number since February 2021 and a 43% decrease from the peak in December. 

However, these ongoing lawsuits pose challenges for President Joe Biden’s efforts to introduce new policies regarding immigration and the border.

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