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Judge In Montana Temporarily Lifts The Ban Of Drag Races Ahead Of A Major Pride Event

Judge In Montana Temporarily Lifts The Ban Of Drag Races Ahead Of A Major Pride Event

A federal judge in Montana has been recognized for its ability to uplift the ban regarding the restrictions of drag performances within the state. This decision was taken before thousands anticipated the occurrence of Montana’s Pride 30th anniversary celebration in Helena. 

US District Court Judge Brian Morris said on Friday that the ban on drag performances in the state of Montana does not only harm the drag population of the state but also tends to harm any individual who is not accepting the societal norms of genders and sex. Hence, this means the judge that lifted the ban has been recognized to consider the feelings and emotions of all individuals who are binding by traditional societal norms.

The Law Governing Drag Races In Montana

The law that had been implemented within the state of Montana regarding drag races has been known to seek minors from restricting from attending “sexually-orientated” performances. Additionally, the law also aimed to restrict the occurrence of such provocative shows to be allowed in public spaces where minors could be present. 

On the other hand, the terms used in the law have not been appropriately made use of. This has led residents of the state to self-censor out of fear of prosecution. This was argued by the plaintiff of the case for uplifting the ban on drag performances within the state of Montana. 

Moreover, it has also been noted that more than 15,000 residents of Montana are willing to attend the Montana Pride, and they are not willing to get involved in civil or criminal liability for just attending a celebration. 

The ruling has been responsible for providing liberty to residents of Montana to advertise and participate in drag performances and pride celebrations that shall be conducted till the 6th of August.

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